FICTION: My Husband Has Refused To Die, 24 Years Old Lady Cries For Help – Read Her Story

FICTION: My Husband Has Refused To Die, 24 Years Old Lady Cries For Help – Read Her Story


Today I will be sharing a story of a gorgeous damsel who got married to a man who was old enough to be her father, with the hope of Inheriting his property when he die, but things hasn’t panned out the way she wants it. She is in desperate need of your advice , Read her story below


Hello Sir/Ma,


I am sharing this story to you because I seriously need your advice. I type my story to you, my 80 years old husband has refused to die, My husband happens to be an uncle to my boyfriend, He is a billionaire businessman, but never got married, after his wife demise.


My boyfriend hooked me up to his uncle with hope that he would die soon, and then we inherit his property since his first wife bore him no child. My sweetheart made it known to me that his uncle is currently feeble and he will be no more in a matter of months, yet it’s 8 years now and I currently have a child of his, and my husband is still alive and active.


Now my life is ruined because I got married to someone I never loved, and my boyfriend has made it known to me that if his uncle doesn’t die this year, he would leave me and get married to another woman. Meanwhile, he was the one who led me into such mess with the intention that we would inherit his properties when he dies and start a new life.


I am 24 years of age and my husband is becoming more romantic and caring day by day, he treats me and my child well, and he truly adores me, he even build a duplex for my family.


What should I do now? Should I jilt my Boyfriend whom I love so much? Should I seek for a divorce, but if I part ways with my husband, the only thing I would gain is the car he purchased in my name, he hid information about his assets from me, and I know nothing about his Properties.


I am so confused, what should I do now?


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