Fiction- “My husband offered me a lot of money to sleep with his dog” a Nigerian lady cries out

Fiction: My husband wants a dog to sleep with me, I did this with the dog instead

Fiction – “My husband offered me a lot of money to sleep with his dog” a Nigerian lady cries out



A lady Nigerian lady lady 25 year old cries out about her husband offering her a lot of money to sleep with his dog. This lady explained that her dad was late and her mother was on sick bed with life supporting aid in the hospital, life was tough for her and she came across one dude who introduce her to a foreign man for sex work, and the white man told her whatever they do was going to be recorded she firstly rejected it then the white man told her that her face doesn’t need to show on camera and he offered her 2000 dollars.

She was very happy and thought in her mind that a handsome man with 2000 dollars, on getting there she came to know that it is a dog she has no option than to accept because of her mother on sick bed.

When the white man had about what what happened to my father and her sick mother he gave her a sum of ten million Naira to arranged her dad’s funeral and to take care of her sick mother, after the funeral of her dad then the white man told her about his feelings for her and she accepted his proposal then they became family.

But this white man never stop her from been having sex with his dog then after the act he gives her 2000 dollars, he told her he is going to stop it and look for another woman for his dog only if she is pregnant. But this lady is interested in this act anymore and she don’t want to divorce this white man because she’s afraid of poverty, now some of her friend advice her to increase the bill of sleeping with his dog to 5000 dollars.

She is now asking for advice from the world

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