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FICTION: This is how a man made money using his snake, Money Is Easy

win 40k and a night with me

FICTION: This is how a man made money using his snake, Money Is Easy

This story takes place in a very unusual place for scary things to take place in. It’s in the CBD of Johannesburg . In an apartment, a very fancy one too. The person whom the story is about, was a man who had an ordinary job as an accountant at one of the South African banks.

win 40k and a night with me


He was an average man who lived an average life. He was in a stable relationship, took care of his family, drove a white polo, paid some of his bills but was also in a lot of debt. The loan to build his parent’s house back in KZN took a larger portion of his income every month.

win 40k and a night with me

Like most high achievers, he pressured himself to become more. To have more. Wanting to be the best of the best, among the rest.

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

His worst nightmare was being seen as average, and it didn’t help that he suffered from the “what’s next” syndrome which drove him to depression.

win 40k and a night with me

At the hands of depression, he found himself at the mercy of quick-money-making scams. First it was MMM, which fled with almost half his salary. Then it was this other one that his friends introduced him to, he lost out on that one as well. He was drowning in debts.


During December holidays, while in KZN,he learnt from his high school mate that it’s possible to gain wealth without having to lift one finger. Ntando was a high school dropout with no qualifications whatsoever yet he was seemingly richer & much happier than him.

Shocked at how his high school mate was driving big cars, with two wives and houses that would put the house he built for his parents plus his fancy apartment to shame, he had no choice but to believe that what Ntando was telling him was indeed true.


“… and then?”

Suddenly there’s a lump on his throat, his hands are all of a sudden sweaty. He doesn’t know why, it’s probably because of the drumming and chanting he’s hearing from the other side.

“…I have financial problems, and I heard you can help me”

Khumbulani feels a bit disrespected. This man just referred to him as a boy. He pretends he didn’t hear it and asks to come see him. The man on the otherside gives him a location and a date. This is it! This is how he’ll finally get the life he deserves.


The day to visit his financial savior finally came & he embarked on a road trip to the small town, Nongoma, which is about 220Km from his hometown. He called Ntando to ask for directions & followed through until he reached a very rural village.

He knew he was at the right place because Ntando had said when he enters the gravel road, he should drive straight until he sees a crèche painted blue. That’s where he’ll has to turn right & drive up that hill. As he drove up the hill he suddenly felt a bit lightheaded.


He ignores it, but then start getting nervous as he realizes that he’s driving into an isolated area. He’s surrounded by bushveld, he’s starting to believe that he’s either lost, or Ntando sent him on an ambush. It’s feels like he’s driving in the middle of a game reserve.

At last, he sees a huge homestead with people moving up and down as though it’s a small market. As he gets closer, he’s stricken by how big this compound is. The houses are also big and evidently, newly built. He pulls up at the entrance then decides to step outside his car.

The are a lot cars parked here. He walks to the gate & waits for someone to see him. Ntando had instructed him to do this until someone attends to him. After standing in the sun for almost 20mins, a red headed girl runs to the gate & opens it for him without saying a word.

“Thokoza, Why have you come here? “ the girl finally speaks. He’s almost shocked.

“I called some time ago & the person I spoke to said I could come today”

“The person you spoke to, do you know their name?” She’s still avoiding eye contact.

“No, it was a man.. I think he’s..”

“…Come with me” she cuts him off before he could finish. He follows her to a que of people awaiting to enter into the smallest hut in this yard. She leaves hin that que & heads back to the gate to fetch other people.The place is like a clinic.

In the line, there are men in suits, wearing expensive watches and also waiting to see Umkhulu Mfezemhlophe. They are probably the owners of the range rovers he saw outside.There’s also one Indian man in the line who’s on the phone negotiating some deal.These are all businessmen.

Seeing these men here, is giving him hope. Looking at this massive place also indicates that this traditional healer means business! After waiting for over an hour, a man steps out the hut. Khumbulani cannot believe his eyes! It’s one of the famous artists in South Africa.

At first he thought he was imagining things but after the seeing everyone’s reaction, he knew he wasn’t the only one seeing this. The notorious artist put on his cap & some shades & quickly rushed to the gate. This man means business mos’! Celebrities & even Indians consult here!

After spending almost 3 hours in the sun,he finally had his turn.He took off his vans sneakers by the door & stepped inside with his eyes glued to the cracked concrete floor,as a sign of respect to the man who holds the keys to his financial liberty.His heart starts pounding hard.

“Ukhalangani mfana?” He asks. He’s calling him a boy again. He raises his eyes to see this mighty traditional who runs this place, to his surprise, it’s just a boy. It’s actually ironic how he refers to him as a boy yet he’s the one looking younger than him.

“Makhosi, bieng poor is my problem, a friend said you can help me” Khumbulani finally answers him. The healer performed a divination for him & revealed to him, things he couldn’t have known.He spoke about the debts, the depression & his bad luck when it comes to all things money.

“You want what I gave your friend huh? You want izigubhu?” He asks while sniffing tobacco.


“Uzokhokha ke mfana, they’re not cheap” he’s now talking as him he has a blocked nose.

“How much, Makhosi?”

“They…. have….uhh…. different prices…” he says, while sneezing.

He then explained the types of Izigubhu/Muthi that can assist one with luck or money.He told him that it was important that he knows that his muthi doesn’t work overnight.The reason for this is that he only uses herbs or/an animals like doves.This is the safer way of doing things.

Khumbulani knew exactly what he was being lectured about, he’s heard stories about traditional healers who use human body parts to make umuthi….” those are not a healers, those are wizards and witches. Stay away from them. Keep these words in your heart! “ he said.

“Now I want you to listen to me very carefully,those types of Izigubhu/muthi may be quicker to work but the consequences are detrimental to both your family & your overall health.I’ve heard of families being wiped out dead due to the use of such muthi”

Khumbulani kept nodding.

After the long lecture, he then started pointing to the Kalabash pots before him & stating what each one is used for & it’s prize. The minimum prize for all of them was R50 000, the most expensive one being R110 000. No wonder this man is this rich!

Khumbulani promised to get back to him in a few days, he promised to take the smallest one which costed R50 000. He didn’t have that kind of money, so he called Ntando borrowed some cash. Ntando gave him but wanted interest. He didn’t care, as long as he had the money.

He got his small Kalabash & followed all the instructions. Every morning he stirred it up and licked the honey that would bubble up each time he was stirring it. He also spoke to it as instructed saying unto it “Give me a promotion at work, give me luck!”

In just six months he got the promotion he wanted, now he was earning more and he paid off the money he owed Ntando. Yup, with interest! One morning he realized that the muthi inside his Kalabash had run out, no honey bubbled up when he stirred it.

This scared him, what if he was going to go back to his ordinary life again? Did this mean he was going to lose his position at work? He felt threatened by all this. The sad part was that the new position meant more work, he couldn’t just drop everything & drive to KZN.

That’s when he decided to find a healer in Johannesburg who can help him same way that mfezemhlophe helped him. He went on to google & found a lot of people who offered the same service but promised greater rewards than those that were promised by mfezemhlophe.

Without any hesitation, he called the number of the one who had caught his attention by saying that his muthi works within weeks, unlike his KZN healer who’s muthi takes months or sometimes even a year to work. A woman answered the call & gave him time & location.

What was strange about this was that the appointment was at night. He thought of calling Ntando to see if he knows anyone in JHB who can help him get What Mfezemhlophe gave him,but his ego got to him before he could dial his number.He was determined to get himself out of this one.

He got out from work & went to freshen up before he could drive to Hammanskraal around 21:00. He called the number gain to confirm directions and the lady on the phone was more than happy to help. It was also isolated but less scarier than the route to mfezemhlophe’s home.

He got there at 22:30, just in time for his 23:00 appointment with the most powerful healer in Gauteng. As he drove in, he realized that he wasn’t the only one invited to the ball. There are other men who are driving in with him. Some are already here.

He steps out of his car & walks to where the other men have gathered. They’re all barefooted, it’s obvious that they are regulars here. He also takes off his sandals to blend in. At 23:00 sharp,a tall black man comes out of the 7 bedroomed house, followed by 4 women carrying bags.

He walks slowly to the chair that’s put infront of them & sits as though it’s his throne. The women put the bags infront of him & go back to the house.Khumbulane is now nervous. He feels like he’s just joined some kind of a cult without knowing. He wants to leave but is afraid to.

“You are all gathered here because you all have the same goal. You all want to be rich.. like me. I am not like other healers. I work fast & I possess a lot of power….”

At this point, all Khumbulani could think about was how quick he was going to get out of this place.

This is not what he signed up for, there’s no confidentiality here & this man isn’t even throwing the bones to see what’s happening in his life. He feels tricked. For a moment he finds himself focusing on the sky above him& then Mfezemhlophe’s words hit him.He’s suddenly nervous.

Could it be that deep down in his heart he’s convinced that this man seated infront of him is no healer? How come his muthi is faster? Lord no! What if he uses human body parts to make his muthi? He looks around him to see if the others are also freaked out.. they’re not. Oh no!

“…..and these bags infront of me are filled with money. Money that miraculously appeared because I’m that powerful. “

He then called them one-by-one to come witness it for themselves. All of a sudden Khumbulani wasn’t nervous. He’s imagining all that he could do with it

“ I also don’t charge people money for this. You will pay me up when you start getting money from my works…. and don’t you even think about saying no to this deal. I’m being a nice guy here. “

Khumbulane is already ready to sign up. This is practically free money.

He instructed them to come forward & recieve the mark of “wealth”. They all recieved ritual marks on their tongues & genitalia. Some muthi was applied to where the cut was made and that was it! That’s all Khumbulani had to do to become a millionaire.

The man then explained to them that they will get their gifts when they get home. He instructed them to deposit R10 000 every month so that he could spiritually tame the gifts they were all going to get.

“It’s a small prize to pay, isn’t it?” He added.

Khumbulani drove off to his apartment excited about the future. He’s decided that he’ll propose to his sweetheart & buy a huge house in Sandton or perhaps venture into property, he’s always wanted to do that. Also, now he can even quit his job.

It only hit him when he was in an elevator to his apartment floor,that there’ll be a gift waiting for him here. He’s a bit nervous but the joy of having all that money overcomes his doubts & fear.He opens the door & searches for any foreign objects in the kitchen,then the lounge.

Bathroom, checked. He’s starting to feel disappointed. I mean, what are the chances that something could miraculously appear in his apartment just because some man in raggedy robes said it will ? He walks in his bedroom, and there it was. On top of the bed, waiting in for him!

His yes met it’s eyes & that’s what sent him running to the kitchen. He wanted to run out but there it was on the floor, next to the main door. It’s preventing him from running out. He tries to scream for help but his voice is not coming out. He’s paralyzed by fear.

The snake slithers to him & raises its head as if it was about to strike him dead. His heart is in his throat. He’s not sure if he has wet himself or not but, he’s entire body is suddenly wet. After sometime, it moves away from the door, convincing him that it’s not harmful.

As soon as it did this, he also felt free and ran out the door. He didn’t even take the lift.. just Incase it appears while he’s in there.

“Mfoka Khawula, Kwenzenjani” the security gaurd asks him when he comes down the stairs running.

He thinks twice about telling him that there’s a huge snake in his apartment but says it anyway.

It’s 3am in the morning, surely they can’t even get SPCSA to come fetch it. The security gaurd leaves him to call the security company & have people come over ASAP.

The security guards also rushed to the apartment to make sure the door is locked so that it doesn’t escape. Some are watching CCTV footages to make sure it didn’t get out. Nothing was found.Khumbulani waited with the building management for the Snake Catchers people to get there.

They arrived in the morning and searched the entire place but couldn’t find anything. There was also no evidence from the CCTV footage that it got out. So it was concluded that Khumbulane could’ve been hallucinating.

“Mhlampe ungenwe liDlozi ndoda” one of the guards said.

He freshened up, took some clothes with him so that he could spend the night at his girl friend’s place. He preferred going work and to keeping busy. His girlfriend was worried about him,she could hear it in his voice that his place bieng fumigated was a lie,there was more to it.

So after work, Khumbulani went to his girlfriend’s place as they had discussed. Just as she was waiting for her to sign her in, his phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number.

“Hello” he picks up.

“Why have you left your wife unattended? She’s here crying for you”.

“My what? You’ve got the wrong person sisi, check the number you’ve dialed”

“If you do not take care of her needs, she will destroy. Go back to your house. She’ll be waiting for you.”

That’s when it hit him. This must be one of the women that work for that Wizard he went to.

“Khumbulane, come in” a sweet voice calls on to him. It’s his lover. The one deserving of being his wife. He forces a smile & walks in. She keeps asking if he’s okay & he keeps on lying,saying he is fine. He barely touched his plate, he could not hide the storm inside his mind.

Late at night, while they were trying to have sex… he kept hearing a faint voice of a woman,weeping in distress.

“Can you hear that ?” He stops kissing her

“Hear what?”

“Never mind” he turns her over & makes love to her.

He closed his eyes for one second & realized that her girlfriend had turned into that snake.He quickly strangled it shouting

“ Leave me the fuck alone! Leave me alone!!” It tried to fight back but he proved to be more powerful than it. After a lot of struggle,it was finally dead.

He jumps out the bed & put on his underwear.He grabs his cellphone then turns back to realize that what she was strangling to death was not the snake,but his girlfriend.He jumped on the bed & tried to revive her. He had killed her.He begged her to come back to her, he begged God.

While in that moment, there was a knock at the door. It was the security guards.The neighbors had reported the screams. He couldn’t get himself to stand up & open for them. They decided to open the door & they found him on the bed, with his girlfriend naked and unconscious.

They immediately handcuffed him & called the police. He didn’t even have the strength to explain nor fight them off as they were beating him up. The police got to the scene & took him away.

After explaining everything that had happened to a psychologist & having some tests done, he was deemed mentally unstable.He was sent to a facility where he was given meds & made to believe everything that had happened was all in his head,that there was no snake.He believed them.

After 90 days, he was discharged &

His family had to come sign him out.

He missed his girlfriend’s funeral and was well aware that her family probably wanted to kill him too. They wouldn’t understand that he had hallucinations. That he was not mentally stable.

Before his mother & sister could take him back to KZN to fully recover, they decided to pass by his place to take some of his clothes. He had a panic attack when they entered the apartment but calmed down when he realized nothing had changed here.

He sat on the couch while his mom made tea, and his sister went to get his clothes. It didn’t take long before they heard her screaming from the bedroom. They ran to her rescue & found the huge python on her neck, squeezing the life out of her.

It squeezed her harder when they got close to it. Despite everything the psychologist had said,he understood that the snake was doing this because it doesn’t want him to leave again.

“ K’lungile, angisahambi. I won’t leave you. Let go of her. Please!!”

He begged it.

It quickly let go of her & went under the bed. He picked her up & rushed her to the hospital because she was unconscious. He later explained to his mother what he had done & they decided to keep this a secret forever….until I met his sister.

Khumbulane now famous on Instagram for giving random people money, Traveling abroad & driving the fanciest of cars. No one but the four of us know the secret to his fortune.I don’t think he knows that I know though

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Do You Wish To See Magic? – Put A Clove Of Garlic In Your Toilet And See The Wonders It Performs

win 40k and a night with me
Do You Wish To See Magic? – Put A Clove Of Garlic In Your Toilet And See The Wonders It Performs.

Have you ever heard of the method of inserting a clove of garlic into a toilet bowl to clean it? Every day in our fast-paced world, new mysteries are discovered and solved. For this reason, we’ll be educating you on the benefits of flushing a clove of garlic down the toilet before bed every night.

win 40k and a night with me

With our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, finding the time to clean and arrange our homes has become increasingly challenging. This is especially true if you live alone or are single and have to leave for work early in the morning and return late at night.

Some jobs are simple to attempt, while others are more difficult. However, taking care of the toilet is not an easy task that needs the investment of time, patience, and devotion.

win 40k and a night with me

Have you ever noticed that the toilet is one of the locations in the house where the most fungi and germs can be found in abundance?

win 40k and a night with me

Most individuals find themselves using quite powerful chemicals to clean their toilets, chemicals that are frequently detrimental to their health even if they perform their job effectively.

win 40k and a night with me

In this post, we’ll teach you a method that will aid you in keeping your bathroom clean by utilizing garlic to clean and take care of your toilet in a more natural way.

win 40k and a night with me

Have you ever given it a thought?

See the following video to learn how to clean your bathroom using a garlic clove:

Before going to bed, peel a clove and place it in your toilet bowl as a sleep aid. Leave it there throughout the night, then flush it as soon as you can in the morning.



Make a habit of performing this practice at least twice each week, preferably at night, when the toilet is less frequently used.

Because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic will be beneficial.

Garlic tea is another option for disinfecting the restroom that is both effective and quick to produce the desired outcomes.

Learn how to construct it by watching this video:

In a pan, bring one cup of water to a boil. Once the water begins to boil, chop three garlic cloves into tiny pieces and place them in the boiling water.

Turn off the heat, cover the pan, and allow it to settle for a quarter-hour before pouring the tea into your toilet bowl.

In the same vein as the first suggestion, it is preferable to perform it right before going to bed, when the toilets are likely to be used less frequently.



Using these two techniques, you can disinfect your toilet in record time and eradicate bacteria in a natural way, while also eliminating those yellow stains around the toilet.

If you find this material useful, please help us spread the word by sharing, commenting, like, and following

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The Terrorist Turned Evangelist, Crimes He Committed That May Make God’s Forgiveness Hard For Him

win 40k and a night with me
Shina Rambo Remains The Deadliest Armed Robber in Nigeria’s History Who Later Became An Evangelist.


win 40k and a night with me


Shina Rambo is a former bandit who terrorised South-West Nigeria in the 1990s. After serving jail-time for his crimes, he was converted by an evangelist and became a Christian evangelical pastor. Shina Rambo now Mathew Oluwanifemi was a name that sent shivers down the spine of people who lived in the South West of Nigeria and even outside Nigeria, like Benin Republic and neighborhood, in the 1990s.He was a hardened criminal, a terror and killer, one whom men of the security agencies will never forget in a haste.

win 40k and a night with me

A man mountain, towering about 6 ft 5inch, well built, dark skinned and sweltering eyes, he carried out his operations, like a movie, in the broad day light, with sophisticated weapons, and bullet belts and explosives strapped roundabout him. He specialized in robbing exotic cars on highways and robbing banks. Nothing could stop him, not even security operatives, he was totally invincible. He was Shina Rambo!

win 40k and a night with me

He was born in the year 1958 to a military man who was a bad egg in the service. His father was from Abeokuta in Ogun state, but his mother was a native of Sabongida–Ora in Edo state. His father had over 18 wives, as was the norm for soldiers to impregnate virtually every woman they met where they were posted to. His father used his military influence to rob innocent citizens, and always brought huge amount of money home. This used to entice little Shina. He recalls, “I remembered when I was about 7 years old, my father came home with a lot of money, foreign currencies, with blood on it, and they were using something like a woman’s scarf to wipe it, then I asked him, is this an animal’s blood, or human blood? But he wouldn’t answer me, they were just drinking, smoking, and merry making.

win 40k and a night with me

”Shina was already indoctrinated into the underworld by his father at a tender age of 7 without him knowing it, as he would sit in front of his son, to dismantle and assemble all sorts of weapons and then polishing them in preparation for an operation. This went on for so long till one day, little Shina, entered into his father’s room while he had stepped into the toilet, and saw a dismembered gun on the floor. He sat down in front of it, and bit by bit, he had assembled it effortlessly in no time at all. His father came out of the toilet, and saw his son, with a loaded gun in his hands. Shina flashed back and said, “That day my father was so disappointed, that he wanted to kill me, he grabbed the gun from my hand and shot straight at me, but I miraculously escaped out of the room. Then he waited for me to be less alert at night he came to my room with a machete and tried to behead me, but once again, I escaped, but the machete caught my left leg (he rolled up his trouser to show us the large scar, that made everyone sighed in pity). It cut me so deep I thought I was never going to walk again.

win 40k and a night with me

That day I knew I had graduated, all that was left was to pull the trigger, and I was so eager. Shina Rambo became so notorious in no time, and was hell

bent on succeeding in his career as an armed robber, that he went through any length to secure spiritual powers for fortification.

To the extent of pounding over 27 live new born babies in the mortar with a pestle, cutting off about 100 human tongues and cooking them to eat, visiting the spiritual river called river of life in Ogoja, Cross Rivers State, living in an Iroko tree for days, and sleeping in the cemetery.

He was given a spiritual wife who always followed him for any operation, she dressed like an Alhaja, people thought she was human, but she was a spirit, that was why they never saw her face. He said she was his personal driver, that she could drive from Nigeria to Cotonou, in the speed of light.

Hear him. ”I was involved in so many rituals, that I can’t start naming them now, I was so powerful, I went underground, inside trees that looked like a city, a lot of beautiful houses inside the tree, I had my own too. I went into a river called River of life in Ogoja, where a lot of politicians and wealthy men used to come. I had several personalities, I could change my form whenever I wanted to, that’s why the police were busy killing innocent people, and thought they were killing Shina Rambo.

The 9 herbalists that gave me that power, I became stronger than them, one day I went to their shrines, and killed all of them, so that they don’t reveal my secrets. I had too many powers; my spiritual wife could drive any car in this world or out of it, no police vehicle, or anyone for that matter, could ever chase and catch me during an operation. She was out of this world, and when she had completed her operation, they took her away from me. I could give anything to get powers, and the elders knew, so they also gave me anything I wanted. I once beheaded hundred men, and gave them the heads fresh, they were so happy with me that they made me invincible.

No matter the kind of bullet you shot at me, it was just like pure water on my body. I could give anything to get power, but of all the things I did to get power,

the one that still breaks my heart the most, is sleeping with my mother. My father is dead now, but my mother is still alive, and she lives with me she is 85 years old. Whenever I set my eyes on her, I just start crying. I can’t bear it.

Shina Rambo was a raging terror, he was infallibly dangerous, the police dreaded him, both in Nigeria, and Benin Republic, his place of interest for business. He would go to police stations, in broad daylight and kill every policeman there, drive to check points and open fire on every policeman on duty, he didn’t like the police at all, and was never afraid of them, he operated in broad day light armed to the teeth looking like Johny Rambo, in the popular Sylvester Stalone movie, “First Blood”.

He once robbed 40 exotic cars in one day and drove all of them in a convoy, from Lagos to Cotonou, unstopped. He was powerful; he was wealthy, and impenetrable. He was a tin god, apparently belched from the very arroyo hell, we all dreaded him. He had a wife and three children, but he lost all of them in one day during a bloody police raid whilst he was away on operation. His wife was his stabilizing factor his life changed afterwards. He says “my wife was everything to me, I was forbidden by the elders to sleep with any other woman apart from her. I could gather about 50 women around me in a hotel, and they will just be playing with me. We would smoke, drink, and sniff cocaine, I will give them money but I will never sleep with them. I will go back home to my wife and sleep with her. That was why the police never caught me. She knew my job, she knew what I was and I never left them alone at night, I operated in the day time and go back home to my family at night.

I had everything, I was very wealthy, I sometimes spent 50 million naira in a day, I did that a lot. There was one day that we were coming from an operation and it seemed as if my powers were going to fail me, the police and the army were almost closing in on us, so we had to drive into a crowd and threw millions of naira in the air, there was commotion, everybody was busy picking naira notes even the police, until we escaped.

I was too rich, but anything the devil gives you never lasts, he will collect more from you, it’s only the devil that will give you Fila, (cap) and ask for Iro and Buba (wrapper and top). I lost everything, all the money, my family; I was so powerful the police couldn’t catch me but I lost it all. I had to surrender myself to the police and I was arrested and jailed for 11 years.

While I was serving my jail term in Agodi prisons, Ibadan, Prophet T.O Obadare came visiting, and having been encouraged several times by the Christian brothers and sisters in the prison to give my life to Christ, he prayed for me and converted me, and changed my name to Oluwanifemi, and it was so miraculous, the next day I woke up and started speaking in tongues. It was during the time of President Olusegun Obasanjo, that we were granted freedom.

At this point, I was glued to my seat, the revival where Shina Rambo gave this exclusive confession was on an open ground revival in the ancient city of Ibadan. Right in front of me, on stage, was Evangelist Mathew Oluwanifemi, the once feared Shina Rambo, clad in a loose fitting shirt, black pants and a pair of leather sandals with a black Holy Bible in his hands, gigantic dark skinned and bald headed, still had those fiery looks, and stealth movement.

I was more transfixed than focused, God is indeed awesome, he picked the offering basket raised it to the congregation prayed and asked who had anything

to give to God, at first I was reluctant, my mind was occupied and out of an innate compulsion, sheer curiosity I stood up, dipped my hand in my pocket walked towards him briskly and calculatedly brought out my offering, dropped it into the basket, and looked deep into his eyes, I had too many things to ask him, there were too many questions unanswered. He looked back at me, and spoke in Yoruba, saying “God bless you my brother; we know your type when we see them”. The congregation broke into a mild giggle, as all eyes were on me as I went back to my seat, with a lot of things on my mind, and the red light on my midget still blinking, in the breast pocket of my jacket.

God is indeed wonderful. He has sent many people to their early grave without repentant of their sins. They will go to hell and him having given his life to Christ will go to heaven when he die. How do will judge that?

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Guest Can Use There Wives For Free, The Tribe In Nigeria That Practices Such

win 40k and a night with me
Guest Can Use There Wives For Free, The Tribe In Nigeria That Practices Such

According to oral tradition of Tiv origin, those people came to their current location (Benue River in Nigeria) from the southeast. Official history recorded that the Tiv tribe had the first contact with Europeans in November 1907. It was the contact with Southern Nigeria Regiment led by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Trenchard.

win 40k and a night with me

The tribe has a story of their first ancestor, a man known as Takuruku, Gbe, Shon, Awanje, and Karagbe. Tiv people believe that he is their founding father. The ancestor gave birth to two children Ipusu and Ichongoa. Ichongo gave birth to Ikyura, Gondo, Nongo, Mase, Ihar, and Turan, while Ipusu gave birth to Kum, Kpar, Shitire

The Tiv People of Benue State have one of the best cultural beliefs in

win 40k and a night with me

the World.

win 40k and a night with me

They regard strangers as gods, and in

win 40k and a night with me

some cases, protect their visitors with

win 40k and a night with me

their lives. The Tiv’s kindness to strangers is Lengendary, but

unfortunately, this kindness was seen as weakness and taken for


The “Gbango” yam of the Tivs is their

pride. The gbango yam is the sweetest

yam specie anywhere in the world. The yam has high glucose and fiber content.

The primary occupation of the Tiv People is farming and their

strengths are a mystery.

A Tiv man will cultivate 100hectares of

farmland with the help of his famiy, using primitive farm tools.

That’s why in the olden days, a Tiv Man will marry up to 6wives, in

order to produce children that will help him in the farms. A Tiv Man

loves his wives and children, and also

protect them with his life…because his life and wealth lies in them.

Gbango yams gained lot of popularity

and there became influx of traders into the Tiv Land… buy and

transport the yams to other places in Nigeria.

The headquarters of production, and

also the highest concentration of the Tiv People, before the eventual

spread, was at Zaki-Biam.

Notable traders such as Umoru, Sako

and Okafor were among the first to

come to Zaki-Biam. Umoru was a magician and a trader who came from the

North, he had a bird who goes before him during journeys, to see

whether the area was less-dangerous….it was a “gossip bird”.

What became the greatest ever fallacy in Nigeria, started when Umoru

came to Zaki-Biam to buy gbango yams.Umoru was received by Terkaa, the

man regarded as the “King of Yams” in Zaki-Biam. Terkaa had five wives

and 11children….the fifth wife, Torkwase,was newly married and had

no child. Umoru was to spend the night in Terkaa’s home, which in the

morning, he would go and buy yams in the Market Square.

A Tiv Man builds houses for each of his wives, Round Huts or Thatch Houses.

Umoru was given pounded yam and

smoked fish that night, and stayed

outside with his bird. At 11pm that night, Terkaa instructed Torkwase

to make thewooden bed for Umoru to sleep……as Strangers were

allowed to sleep in the beds, while the home owner will either sleep

outside the room or on the floor of the room.

The males in Tiv Land, everynight,

worship the “gods of yams”, they would leave by 12am and spend two

hours making sacrifices and incantations to the “gods”….it is said

that their strengths were gotten from these “gods”

Terkaa told Umoru to sleep in

Torkwase’s Round hut(house), as she will prepare the bed for

him….because Torkwase had space as she’s got no child.

When Terkaa and his children left to

adore and worship the “gods of yams”,

Umoru went to Torkwase’s room and

slept with her. Umoru thought Terkaa

offered his wife to him or Maybe Umoru used charms and trickery to

sleep with Torkwase.

For weeks, during his visits to Zaki-Ziam,

Umoru would have sex with Torkwase.

Torkwase never told her husband what

was happening, as she never got

attention from her husband(she lacked sex) and may have enjoyed having

sex with Umoru, because Umoru may have used “Burantashi” during sex

with her.

Umoru told Sako and Okafor, the other traders, about his “free gift”

from Terkaa and told them to try their luck……Sako and Okafor were

successful, undermining the Tiv Man’s Kindness.

Umoru went to the North, and told themthe news of the Tiv Man’s “kind

gesture”…with Sako and Okafor doing

the same.

Unknown to the Tiv People, lots of

traders flock to their lands to do

business in order to experience the “kind gesture”…..unfortunately,

they were successful, as the Tiv Man married as many wives as

possible, but failed to meet their sexual demands.

The Tiv Men had no idea of what was

happening in their Lands.

On one of his numerous journeys to

identify groups of people who spoke the Tiv Language, the King of the

Tivs(Tor Tiv), stumbled on this development.

The Tiv People are believed to have

migrated from Congo to Nigeria, and they are scattered within the

North of Nigeria, from Benue to Plateau to Adamawa to Taraba State.

So the Tor Tiv’s assignment was to

identify them and incorporate them

under one “Umbrella”.

It was on this journey to one of the Local Governments in Plateau

State, that the Tor Tiv learnt that traders coming into his lands,

were sleeping with his women.

The King came home and summoned a meeting. Wives were called and they

confessed sleeping with those traders.

The Men were furious and after much

deliberations, resolutions were reached.

No man should sit close or touch another man’s wife without

permission, and the husband is allowed to kill the defaulter.

They feel killing the traders who

perpetrated those shameful acts, will

send strong warnings to visitors who

wish to come to their lands……a decision that would turn out to haunt them.

Umoru’s “gossip bird” had already told

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