Five Celebrities Who Refused To Get Married!

Five Celebrities Who Refused To Get Married!

Marriage in simple definition is the coming together of a man and a woman as husband and wife. However, there are some people who simply don’t believe in the idea or institution called marriage. They enjoy and prefer their single status. They may even believe in the marriage institution but prefer not to get into it for personal reasons.

While the decision on whether to marry or not remains a personal decision, some people’s lives are more exposed to public scrutiny than others. These stars fall into the category of people whose lives are exposed to public scrutiny. Fans and non-fans alike are usually interested in what they do or don’t do, in fact, their opinions and views shape or influence the behaviour of some people in society. Though these stars have a right to their private lives, fans are always interested in knowing what’s going on in their worlds.

Here, are five celebrities who topped the single to stupor list and have refused to get married.

Olisa Adibua

At almost 53, Olisa Adibua is still single. Not that he has had a marriage before, he was never married and he has never been linked with any woman. On why Olisa is not married, the respected OAP told YES International, ‘Well, unfortunately, my problem is that I’ve been married to my work for a long time. So, I’ve gotten used to a certain routine. My day starts at 5 am, it ends around 10-11 pm. So, if I had married now, whoever she is, even if it was Mother Theresa, would have left me by now. Asked if he will still get married, he said ‘I will do eventually! But I just have to find a way to structure it and to make sure that I have a personal and private life as well.

Jim Iyke

It was widely believed that Jim lyke would marry Ghanaian actress Nadia Buhari until news hit the media that the beauty had taken in for another man. Unconfirmed reports revealed that their relationship didn’t last due to Jim lyke’s temperament, which was a bother for the actress. Jim lyke has in the past being romantically linked with top actresses like Rita Dominic and Steph-Nora Okereke.

Don Jazzy

For as long as we know, Mavin boss, Don Jazzy has always claimed to be in a relationship with a mystery lady named Onome. It was also reported that the 37-year-old music producer went for a quick chat in Mauritius where he attended the 2015 MultiChoice Africa content Showcase. When asked if he will be getting married soon, he said, ‘I have absolutely no idea’. As regards the reports about his lost child, he said ‘I don’t know if I have a child somewhere, but for now, I don’t. I don’t actually mind if someone comes and says this 9-year-old boy is your son and we do a test and I see it’s mine, I won’t mind. But if I have a child before the wedding, then I won’t get married anymore because there’s no point’.

Genevieve Nnaji 

In an interview Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji opened up about marriage and why she is taking her time to do it right According to her, marriage is not to be rushed into. She said in the interview if I get married, I really want to stay married, and staying married is not an easy thing. It means you are completely in tune with your partner. It means you have found your soul mate because you will have to be able to stand a lot of disappointments that would definitely come but then again you have to leam to forgive’. The mother of one was once rumored to be getting married to D’Banj, but it ended up as a rumor.

Rita Dominic

Blessed with a beautiful face and a body to die for, Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic at age 40, is yet to tie the knots. The beautiful actress, who produced the blockbuster movie “The Meeting” is perceived by many as wife material, but sad truth is that she is still a spinster, which has remained a concern for her fans. Unconfirmed reports have it that she and Nollywood ‘bad boy’, Jim lyke once dated, an affair that didn’t tum out well. In her defense, the sultry actress has blamed the media for ruining her relationships adding that she will settle down once she meets the right person.

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