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Forget SAPA. This Warri Proverbs Will Make You Laugh

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

1. Na person wey never see problem dey use English dey pray.


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

2. Book wey no gree enter head go enter exam hall

win 40k and a night with me


3. Goat wey get mind follow lion go catch fish, make e know say weda dem catch fish or not, Lion food don set oh.


4. Who naked no dey chuck hand for pocket…!




5. Wetin concern dog with family planning?..


6.Na determination dey make Okada overtake trailer for road.




7. This one good, this one good na em mad man take dey gather plenty load.


8. Pikin wey go strong go strong…. No be say until dem name am Samson.



9. Na over confidence make February no complete.


10. Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?..Naso hold up take dey start.



11.Head wey no wan think, go carry load..




12. Hand wey stay long for pocket, know say nothing dey that pocket.


13. Forget Trust If trust dey, Water no for boil Fish.


16.No matter how lizard do press-up reach, e no fit get muscle pass crocodile.


17. E de clear pimple, e de clear pimple na so bleaching take start.


18. Feel at home, feel at home na im dey make visitor spoil remote control.




19. Escort me, escort me naso slave trade take start.


20. It’s a small world!! No mean say you fit trek from Naija go London.


21. Christianity is free, but you must buy Bible


22. Person nor dey use shame chop winch o




23.Make I chop this guy money, Make I Chop this guy money. Na so ashawo take start oh.


24. You no need spoon and cutlery to chop slap.


25. Jollof Rice wey dey for bottom of pot 2day go dey for top of cooler 2moro.


26. The patient dog … Nah hungry go kill am.




27. I go do am later na e make fowl no fly like other birds.


28. No food for lazy man no be for person wey em mama get restaurant.


29. Who dey hold landlord rentage no dey fry stew wey curry dey.


30. I am covered by the blood of JESUS, E no mean say make u no lock door sleep oooh




31. Pastor wey dey pray for mad person no dey close eye.


32. I wan marry, I need pikin, I need money, na e make Church overflow dey full.


33. I know too much, i know too much na e make SAN no fit recite National Anthem.


34. I know book, I know book, na im make you dey say merit, instead of advantage.



35. The tin wey make egg strong for pot nai make yam also soft for pot


36. Pikin way Say e mama no sleep, he self no go sleep.


37. Sun 2 hot e nor mean say fowl go Lay boiled egg.


38. Monkey smart monkey smart, nah because tree near tree



39. Na run wey nor serious, Na in woman de hold breast.


40. Na cooperation dey make rice full pot


41. Cockroach wey say him sabi acrobatic dance where cocks are doing general meeting don waka kurukere waka


42. Say Lion dey sick, no mean say him with cat na mate.



43. This burial rich, this burial rich, na e make to die hungry elders.


44. We go make am, we go make am, na im make village dry, Lagos full.


45. Na economy recession make teacher use ruler measure yam.


46. Pikin wen wan chop party rice, e no dey fear dance!!!



47. Say cat sabi swim no make am catfish.


48. E go beta, e go beta, na e make camel still dey cari load.


49. I no be your mate. na e make slippers get size


50. Park there, where you dey go, na so road block become toll gate



51. Fish wen scatter for soup still dey inside the soup.


52 I never ready, i no need love, na money I want, na so sugar daddy and mummy take start


53. This writeup sweet, this writeup sweet, no mean say you no go tell your friend to like and share, make your friends laugh join.

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14 years after these beautiful twins were cut into two; this is how they have grown separately

win 40k and a night with me
14 years after these beautiful twins were cut into two, this is how they have grown separately.


win 40k and a night with me



win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


Two girls had been born together 14 years before. At birth Kendra Deene Herrin and Maliyah Mae Heerin had been together in 2002 before they were separated in 2006 by surgery. When they were conceived, they both shared a single kidney. Also their legs were just two independently regulated by each. The kidney was maintained by Kendra after the surgery, while her sister had a kidney transplant dialysis for one year. Her mother gave the kidney one year after the procedure.

How did they look before an operation:
















They were born in the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah. Jake and Erin Herrin ‘s parents. During service, Maliyah ‘s life was at stake but still had to be done so that each would have a life of their own and make their own decisions. These two girls only have two legs, an abdomen, pelvic, liver , kidney and the large intestines. they are born together, yet they have different tastes. Therefore, each of the doubles has a leg access. It was confirmed that when they were four and a half years old in 2006, the procedure where they were split was carried out. In addition, it was said that the procedure lasted about 20 hours, with up to 7 surgeons involved. After separation, another procedure began, lasting another 7 hours for both of the children. They remained in the hospital for more than a month before being released to travel with their parents.

These girls have become so pretty 14 years after all surgeries and loves. While Kendra once refused the kidney her mother transplanted for in 2007, another successful transplant was performed.

They’re well aged now:








They all learn how to use crutches at the time. In comparison, over the years several changes have arisen and their parents plan on prothesizing them.
















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20+ Pictures of Women with the biggest bumps who surprised us by giving birth to just one child

win 40k and a night with me
20+ Pictures of Women with the biggest bumps who surprised us by giving birth to just one child

Pregnancy is an important stage in womanhood and it is the joy of every woman to experience it without stress. There are some women with moderate pregnancy bumps; yet, they give birth to twins or even more at a time. Funnily enough, some women whose pregnancy bumps are big ended up giving birth to just a single child. The difference is the weight, seize and development of the child.

win 40k and a night with me



win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

Studies show that the size of the pregnancy bump is not a determinant of giving birth to more than one child. One thing that is just certain is that if it is one child, the child will be so big and well-nurtured. 

win 40k and a night with me

It is such a wonder that these women have a very big pregnancy bumps but they end up with just a single child. The explanation to that is that the abdominal muscle in a woman determines the size of her tummy during pregnancy. Some women’s body is not stretchable, thus, when they get pregnant, the growing uterus within them is going to stay closer to the core of the body and unable to move freely. On the other hand, some women’s body are stretchable thus, they had possibly stretched their abdominal muscles during their first childbirth which makes the second pregnancy bump stretchable due to the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

win 40k and a night with me


Science also proves that there is high possibility that a tall woman has a high tendency of having a bigger pregnancy bumps than a short woman. It is believed that once a woman has a tall height she probably has a long abdomen too which will create more space for the uterus to grow instead of just pushing outwards. A short woman has a little space between her hip and lowest rib to accommodate a big uterus.

Most women have bigger pregnancy bumps in their second pregnancy. A woman who had given birth has a higher tendency of having a big pregnancy bump in her second pregnancy because her skin and abdominal muscles are already stretched due to her first pregnancy.


Another reason that makes most women have big pregnancy bumps and end up delivering one child is the position of the baby. When you see a woman with an extremely large belly, she may be in her last trimester, thus, the baby inside her is definitely in a head-down position which makes her belly to grow outward, especially if the mother has a stretchable belly.


The common belief of most mothers is that once they have a large belly, multiple children are coming which is partly true but not absolutely. It is true that multiple pregnancies affect the size of the womb but not usually the belly. It can also make the belly big but not necessarily.

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If you want all your prayers answered by God, avoid doing these things

win 40k and a night with me

If you want all your prayers to always get answered by God, avoid doing these things

win 40k and a night with me


There are so many Christian faithful whose prayers do not get answered by God anytime they pray. Many even go to the mountain, fast for days still; they do not get what they want from God.

win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

In the course of this article, I have 2 major reasons which could be behind that and I will also propose some things that you must stop doing, in order to get what you want from God.


It is evident in the book of Matthew 7:7 that we should seek God for whatever we need and we will receive it. Following this, many Christians ask God for many things but they never get positive response because of the following things:


Insufficient faith in God: The power of faith can never be overestimated. Faith is more powerful than Prayer. Many Christians make the mistake of praying with two minds; one of faith and the other of doubt. Anyone who does not have full faith in God cannot receive anything from him.




According to James in the bible, we must pray in faith and without any doubt. It was mentioned in the bible that even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you can command the mountain to move. All what we need is faith in God. Many Christians believe God is able but he cannot do everything for them


Without praying to God, a non-believer can even get what he wants if he has faith in himself; that is the power of faith. Faith is so powerful than our prayers to God.


The second hindrance is Sin: Christians are guilty of this. It was said in the bible that sins hinders intercession. If God will answer the prayers of a Christian, it would be that of a holy one who conforms his life to the holy will of the Lord God.


The book of Isaiah 59:2 shows how Isaiah warned the people of Israel to flee from their sin, so as for their God to hear them. This is also evident in Peter’s declaration in the book of (1 Pet 3: 12); where he says that the eyes of the lord are only upon those that are righteous and his ears unto their supplication.





If you truly want you prayers answered, you will have to wash yourself of all iniquities and God will carry you with open hands.


After doing these things, you need to sincerely say the following Prayers to God now:



Oh lord, I want you to accept me like the prodigal son and forgive me all of my iniquities.


Oh Lord, I declare my absolute Faith in you once again today, Father, please aid my steadfastness in you.


Any impunity that may serve as hindrance to my prayers from now on, oh lord remove them; For in Jesus Mighty Name We have prayed.


Try as much as possible to follow this account for more of this and forward this to all your loved ones.


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