God is Wonderful, Girl With No Hands Can Use Her Legs To Apply Makeup, Cook, Drive And do All Sort of Things

God is Wonderful, Girl With No Hands Can Use Her Legs To Apply Makeup, Cook, Drive And do All Sort of Things

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In this life, many people who failed to become successful always come up with one excuse or another, some people do blame their poor background, some people do blame their relatives in the village, while some the disabled will use their disability as an excuse. Anyway, this story you’re about to read will surely motivate you to sit up and rise to the challenge.

(Kashmiere Culberson)

Kashmiere Culberson is a young and beautiful lady who’s a successful make up artist a YouTuber, and a social media influencer. The thing about this young lady is that she was born without hands. She was born with a condition called Bilateral Phocomelia.

(Baby Kashmiere Culberson)

Photo credit: Her YouTube Channel

She’s totally armless but that didn’t stop her from hitting her target. This young lady was born armless but she wasn’t born without legs, instead of going to the street to beg for money, or sit down in her room to curse God all the time, this young lady got adopted to doing things with her leg.

If you’re doubting me then check out these photos of Kashmiere Culberson doing the incredible with her feet.

(She’s cooking with her feet, as seen in these photos)

(She select things for shopping with her legs)

(She writes perfectly with her feet)

(She applies makeup with her feet)

If a disabled lady can learn to adapt and work for her fame and money despite her condition, then there’s no excuse one can give for failure as a complete human being. In this life we shouldn’t see failure as a hinderance or set back, we should see failure as a stepping stone. If you fail, you try again don’t let one or two failures hinder you from achieving your goal.

(She braided this hair with her feet)

(Operating her android with her feet)

(She can perfectly crack eggs with her legs)

(Perfectly drive cars with her legs)

Kashmiere Culberson didn’t just wake up one morning and started doing incredible things with her legs, she may have tried and failed multiple times before she finally get used to it. So to all the disabled and discouraged people out there, this should serve as a motivational message to you.

Kashmiere Culberson is now famous and her YouTube channel is filled with videos of her doing the impossible with her legs.

(Some other beautiful photos of Kashmiere Culberson)

If Kashmiere Culberson can do incredible things despite her condition, then you can do it. There are many disabled people out there who are making money with their conditions so disability is not an excuse for failure.

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