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Help My Dad Still Smoking Weed In His 67 Old Age

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Help My Dad Still Smoking Weed In His 67 Old Age


Please I noticed a disturbing scenario playing in my house as I came back for xmas… My 67yr old dad use to smoke weed (Igbo) in our sitting room.


When we were younger, he use to smoke outside and occasionally smokes around the house especially late in the night or in the wee hours.


As a matter of fact I’m 30yrs and I have another younger brother who’s 27yrs then my sister who’s the youngest. But Non of us smoke weed or have toed in his line… My mother has tried in that aspect not to raise us like that!!!


I brought this issue here because I need help on how to make my aging dad DESIST from that lifestyle… It breaks my heart seeing him popping smoke like that and it’s degrading when we have visitors in the house… And secondly I’m wary of his health!!!


Pls help a Brother!!

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How homeless man became a billionaire Nigerians Can learn from and become rich

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How homeless man became a billionaire by constructing a beach in the backyard of people see photos.


How homeless man became a billionaire by constructing a beach in the backyard of people.

Stories are rare, but not impossible, for people who have gone from rags to riches.

The only path to success is believing in yourself and pursuing your true passion in life, andΒ Eric WhiteΒ is another proof of it.

This 33-year-oldΒ LouisianaΒ man has not been so happy in his entire life. With a second-grade ability to read, he dropped out of school in ninth grade.

He remembers that growing up, things weren’t easy and that “his name could hardly even be spelled out.

He ended up homeless for 8 months at the age of 15. He was still good at one thing building, and he decided to perfect his skills. He believed in himself, claiming he was “really able to do something with it.


He began working for a local construction company to pay his bills and feed his daughter, and ultimately got a job with a company based inΒ Baton Rouge.

He recalls that his employer took him under his wing and taught him about the company, so he was already running the team within 6 months.

By working at a car dealership, White tried to make more cash, but he claims he was not cut out for the job.

He later worked for another company, called Cool Pools, which offered more money, and eventually started his own business.

It was a great success, and for over a million dollars, he sold it.

Next, he founded Zydeco Construction in South Louisiana, which now creates “swimming ponds” with crystal clear blue water and surrounding sand, costing around $20,000, to keep himself busy and fulfill his passion.

He clarified:

It’s something I’ve been thinking to myself for years, “What if somebody could figure out a way to turn a pond into a paradise?” ‘I wanted this service to be provided and I wanted to be the first to do so. I’ve done as much research as I can and applied it to the construction of these ponds.

In-ground trampolines, patios, decks, concrete driveways, customizable outdoor kitchens, and flood drainage solutions are also offered by the firm.

White describes the fascinating ponds as a true labor of love and customized for that area and for the client.

No two creations are ever the same, he adds, and the ponds are a true paradise.

We know at Zydeco Construction LLC that you’re not just hiring a contractor for your project, you’re also investing your confidence and hard-earned money in a partner who’s going to get your job done. White’s saying:

To do these different things has always been a dream of mine.

I’m all about finding a way to make stuff happen. Any situation I can look at and come up with a way to fix it. For things that most companies don’t offer, particularly custom backyard landscaping ideas, I like to stay on the market.

What is your thoughts on this? Leave your opinion on the comment section and don’t forget to share this post.

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Meet This 21-Year-Old Young Man Who Is Already A Father Of Seven Children. (Photos)

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Meet The 21- Year- Old Young Man Who Is Already A Father Of Seven Children (Photos)



Actually, you browse and study the headline right, this younger guy is already a father of 7 youngsters on the age of twenty- one years.Β SuperbΒ isn’ t it? Certain it’ s due to the fact he simply welcomed his 7th child recently.I understand maximum of you’ll be thinking who this man I talk of his, what activity does he do, If he’ s definitely 21 years old. Well on this article,Β 

I might be telling you all what you actually need to understand approximately this exceptional younger guy.

Kentrell Gaulden is aΒ YankeeΒ rapper, singer, and songwriter professionally referred to asΒ NBA YoungBoyΒ became born on October twenty, 1999, inΒ Baton Rouge,Β Louisiana, U. S. A.Β 

So truly he’ s 21 years According to his bio, he broke his neck at the same time as wrestling as a child [toddler], the harm requiring a head brace until the backbone healed and the brace left everlasting scars on his forehead.

He became raised frequently through his maternal grandmom due to the fact his father became sentenced to fifty- 5 years in jail. However,


NBA YoungBoy is already a father of 7 youngsters at twenty- one years old. The great element is that the majority of his kids have truly near age variety to every other.

It have been mentioned that his 6th and 7th youngsters are much less than months aside in age. Gaulden surely have become a father at a younger age and he presently has a complete wide variety of 7 youngsters.

five sons and a couple of daughters. Well, pointless to say, maximum of his youngsters’ moms do now no longer get along.

See cool snap shots of him and his youngsters underneath; He is a triple- crown musician and I wager this became the motive he desired to emerge as a father soon.Β 

He truly loves his youngsters and has been visible over and over striking out with them. What do you consider this younger guy’ s lifestyle?

Kindly percentage your opinion underneath and recall to love and percentage.

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Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke knocked down by speeding Vehicle, Legs damaged [PHOTOS]

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Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke knocked down by speeding Vehicle, Legs damaged [PHOTOS]

Popular Gospel Artiste, Gozie Okeke has narrowly escaped death after getting knocked down by a speeding vehicle.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that Okeke was knocked down by a speeding vehicle in Onitsha on August 27th.

According to him, he had gone to a mechanic workshop to pay for a service and on getting there, he parked his vehicle and immediately he got down a speeding vehicle came from behind and hit.

Both of his legs were damaged and is currently confined to a wheel chair.

Below is video footage of the popular musician giving a testimony on the matter;

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