Here are 3 reasons the American’s don’t beat their children and why we should start applying it

Here are 3 reasons the American’s don’t beat their children and why we should start applying it


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There are a lot of lessons to learn from the Americans concerning how they treat their children,most people are aware that the Americans are not allowed to beat their children in anyway. They consider it a serious offence,though many Nigerians may not be in support of these way of bringing up a child.




Most of us always think that when we actually don’t flog that child,we are raising the child to be spoilt and soft to the surrounding. You might say flogging a child is actually training him in the right way but don’t you think we should learn from the Americans and why they adopted this system of not beating their child.


America as a nation is far older and more developed than Nigeria so don’t you think they have actually passed the stage we are in? They would have gone through the advantages and disadvantages of beating a child and decided that not beating a child is the best option.

We as Nigerians are complaining of child abuse,child violence and the rest but don’t you think we need to first look at it in a general form.


What if there is a law in our country that says we should stop beating children and if anyone does,there might be consequence.


There are many cases of domestic violence which are mostly reported after the violence has occurred,reasons being that at first no one sees beating a child as a crime and if someone does it over and over again it might lead to something else.


Have you thought for one second why the Americans don’t flog there children?


Here are 7 reasons why they don’t



1) Hitting or beating children teaches them to become beaters also.




Do you know that the children we tend to bring up are always learning? They learn from our every action,so whatever we do they copy. If they see you beating your wife they tend to have a lot of association with it and it becomes part of them. They actually do copy all the things we do and say.



Most times we tend to tell our children to do something but they feel confused when they see us doing something different from what we told them. But believe me when I say they learn more from visual experience. So be careful of who you beat because your children might end up beating someone else too.






So the Americans tend to set an example of how their children should grow up without seeing domestic violence and I think we should adopt that too.


2) Flogging a child distract them from learning




The Americans believe that when they flog there children,the child get distracted about knowing any other way to resolve conflict in a better way that getting physical with that person. That is why most American parents prefer talking their child than flogging him or her.




John Holt once said”When we make a child afraid, we stop learning dead on its tracks” That means a child will stop learning and getting afraid to tell you things when you make them afraid by flogging them.


3) Anger and Frustration




The Americans believe that beating a child makes some of them more angry and frustrated and through this they store up all this anger till when they can do something about it.


Have you heard the true story of a girl called Sherifat in at Ikorodu in Lagos state,she has been storing up anger and frustration for a long time due to the fact that her uncle usually beat her and her body was always filled with bruises,one faithful day when he did this again. She took into her body just because of the everyday frustration.




Every child needs instructions without having fear in them to actually go through what you told them. They need to be far away from things that make them afraid like flogging or beating them.


We need our children not to see violence as a teaching anymore but a negative feeling we don’t need. These reasons should make you want to adopt the way the Americans treat their children by not flogging.


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