Here is the New Trick Fraudsters Use to Get your BVN Number

Here is the New Trick Fraudsters Use to Get your BVN Number

Hello everyone, good day. Please take this information very seriously in order to protect your hard earned money from fraudsters.


Fraudsters are everywhere now, and they are working day and night to invent new tricks and methods of scamming people of their money. This is unfair, please be very careful. 

Their new way of getting your bank verification number is very surprising, I would have said it’s an ingenious way but for the fact that they are thieves, I will describe this method as a mischievous way instead.

They deserve to be arrested and jailed for defrauding innocent people.


Please read on to find out how. 

Take note of this: no bank official will ask you for your personal details such as your BVN number over the phone, or request for your details through text messages or emails.

Now here is how they get your BVN from you without having to hack your account of steal your phone.

1. They will call you with a phone number that looks like a bank customer service helpline (how they get it is still a mystery to me), I choose not to post an example here.

Some of you that have been called know what I am taking about.


2. They will use an app called true caller to get your your name, and some other details, so that when they call you, they won’t have to ask for your name. 

3. They will tell you that their bank is giving out money to some of their lucky customers as a palliative to support them financially due to the lockdown. Then they will tell you that you were one of the few lucky customers.

4. Then they will tell you that while you were filling the form that you use to open your bank account, you made a mistake in your date of birth. Then they will call out your date of birth and ask you to confirm it, which you will do if you don’t know of this trick.


5. After you confirm your date of birth for them, they will now release the main bomb or trick to collect your BVN number; 


Here is how they do it: because they know that most of not all the BVN number in Nigeria starts with 222, they will call a random BVN number starting with 222 quickly, and then tell you to confirm it by calling out your BVN. 

Because they’ve called out a random 11 digit number that sounds like your number, you will be tricked into calling out your original BVN number to them to confirm that it is correct.


Immediately you do so, they will cut the call, and the next message you will receive is a debit alert. Because they’ve gained access into your account, and they will withdraw most if not all of your money. 

They’ve done this to my friend, he was unlucky and unfortunate to have given them his BVN number, and all the money he wanted to use to pay for house rent was wiped out of his account without leaving a single kobo behind.


Please be careful and don’t fall for this trick. 

Remember what I said, no bank customer will call you to ask for your BVN on PHONE only fraudsters do that.

Taka note.

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