Here is the Revelation of the Secrets of Psalms

Here is the Revelation of the Secrets of Psalms

The article you just clicked on has more to offer than just reading and nodding your head in agreement or in understanding. And while you read, it is not an incitement to anything, rather it is only designed to provide information on some things you may not ordinarily have known. Are you aware that this life is spiritual? And whatever that is done there in the realms would always predicate or look for a way around finding expression in the physical?




Here’s the good news, whether or not you aware of the supernatural powers sealed up in the book of psalms, it does not change the fact that when you finally unlock it, it has the capacity to set you up on handling spiritual matters. The book of psalms has secret powers and it can be used to shift positions even as it causes energy to move in the highest dimension. And while this is a spiritual magic, it is known as Theurgy. Now about theurgists particularly of the highest order, they are usually known to have an uncommon access into the highest dimensions in the spiritual realms. And the ideology is, things get a whole lot easier the more you advance in this area.




You may choose to condemn these acts by tagging them some sort of spiritual magic but then, it has uncommon capacity to file out those higher forces in your favour. Matter of fact, some say it is probably the highest form of spiritualism (and I remain go be convinced about that).




Making chants and prayers dedicatedly with the book of psalms from the Bible can give you away to possessing an unusual ability to make projections and even become operational in the realms with diverse energy in alignment to your will. Again and on a more serious note, the book of psalms has multidimensional powers when carried out aright but please and most importantly, it must be used with caution and you must first and foremost be driven with a good sense of purpose. For our everyday living experience, scroll down for some psalms.




Read Psalm 18 or 91, to have protection from danger.


Read Psalm 53 to become free and fully set free from any form of bad luck.




Read Psalm 119 to have his academic success.


Read Psalm 115 for good success in your business.



Read Psalm 116 for protection from violent death.


Read Psalm 124 against accidents when traveling.



Read Psalm 120 to have victory over court cases.




Read Psalm 100 to build and grow your confidence.


Read Psalm 104 to have conversations with angels.


Read Psalm 40 or 94 to conquer anxiety.


Read Psalm 48 for protection from thieves.


Read Psalm 113 for conception against barrenness.


Read Psalm 26 to become set free when charged falsely.

Read Psalm 147 to have healing when wounded.


Read Psalm 58 to conquer the fear of animals.


Read Psalm 7 to have protection from bullies.

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