How I Met My Wife: Love Is Real

How I Met My Wife: Love Is Real by

Love is a beautiful thing, I still remember the first time I fell in love, I was 28 years old. I have been dating but have not really experienced Love ..


It was a Tuesday and I saw that babe walking by with her friend. My eyes were locked onto her and my senses flown away.


I was admiring God’s beauty in a human. Like a man under a spell I immediately left what I was doing and started pursuing this babe like a lion after a prey..


I don’t know where the courage came from but I walked up to them and started vibing with both friends without letting them know who I was into.


She got near her house and told me to go back, so I collected the numbers of both of them. Deleted the friends own immediately and saved my crush. Her name was Bukola.


Then my mumu started .. First I bought mtn card 400 to load so I can call her .. at first she gave me tough time , I’ll call in the morning she won’t pick , call on the afternoon same thing. Then in the night she would pick and then tell me “sorry I did not see your calls “..


Infact when I knew I was in love was the day she flashed me by mistake, I was hungry as hell that day, and me and my friend was already drawing map on how we are going to spend the last 200naira with me.. i’mmediately I saw that call. Hunger flew away . And because I don’t have credit to call her back I quickly used the last 200 to buy card so I can talk to her …

Only for her to pick and tell me “Pls I’m very sorry you’re not who I wanted to call “..

I was disappointed but still want to talk to her then she told me “I’m busy right now , maybe later “…


Omo I received insult from my friend tire that day.. infact that momth was hell .. my friend was so angry with me that he called me woman wrapper..


But still yet I love her the same .

One day I texted her that it’s mu birthday and that even if she won’t call she should at least text me happy birthday..


After about 2 hours she called me for the first time , wished me happy birthday and ask if I’m celebrating it . I told her m not celebrating but I would be happy if she would follow me to a fancy restaurant..


She agreed..


And it started from there. From tastee fried chicken I took her to ShopRite and we did small shopping..


After that day she started picking my calls and I never stopped showing her how much I love her .. I make sure I always send her Good morning and good night text .. I also make sure every time I buy airtime I buy her own too..


But with everything she told me she’s not interested in a relationship..


One day I stopped.. no more calls no more text .. o forced myself to stop talking to her .

After about a week I woke up to a text from her that says “I miss seeing your text messages and missed calls “…


I was happy so I called her back and like a miracle she came to my house that day and we kissed .. the whole skyrocketed from there .. after a while she allowed me into her paradise and I realized she’s tear rubber .. long story short we are married now with 2 beautiful kids …




Marriage with her was heavenly.. I remember I was working at GTBank when we got married, while she works with a private firm…there was no kids involved yet


We were so close that you would mistake us for siblings,,we do have our fight sometimes but anytime it happens. She knows my mumu button And I know hers too.


We eat and bath together… There was this time I traveled for a week.. Before I came back she fell sick cos she’s not used to staying without me .

Life is so easy with her .My car is her car .most times I go to work with Uber while she drives ..

When I’m broke we eat what we have no pressure…



Pls dear youth Love still exists

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