How Nollywood’s Mysterious Twins Died Mysteriously Over Land Fights, Read Full Story

In 2014, it was news that Kehinde Osuolale of Ibeji Oran  (Mysterious Twins) was spiritually attacked after insulting a Farmer over an acquired piece of land. He passed on a few weeks ago after the fracas with the farmer at his mansion in Owode area of Osogbo, Osun state.

The back story behind his death was that Kenny and his twin brother, Taiwo acquired a piece of land in Osogbo for their second mansion. Before they acquired the land, a farmer was reported to have planted corn on the land.

When preparations for construction began, it was gathered that the farmer came to them and told them that his corn was not yet due for harvesting and he begged them to give him some time before they begin construction.

A source close to the twins revealed that the said farmer had been using the land for close to 50 years before the twins bought the land located at Apara town along Ilesha/Osogbo way.

One of the workers employed by the twins disclosed that 21 days before the death of Kenny, the farmer confronted them again and ordered them to stop working on the farm because he was yet to harvest the crops.

He ordered the workers to leave the land that he will tell the twins when to start the construction.

The bricklayer the twins hired who reportedly ignored the farmer heard him speak a parable saying; “Keeyan ri owo ra ile, ko to

keeyan jere ile ohun” (Having gotten a land doesn’t mean one will build let alone sleep in the house).

The source said Kehinde, the boss, as he is fondly called got really upset by the farmer’s reaction and ordered all the construction crew to start working immediately, ignoring the farmer’s pleas and threats.

Kehinde died 3 weeks after the incident.

His twin brother, Taiwo said a day before he kicked the bucket, he complained that he was feeling really weak and the next morning, they found him dead in his mansion.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Taiwo died a year after Kehinde died. He died in his forties and he was survived by a daughter and his wife.

Oran Taiwo and Kehinde Osuolale is popularly known as Ibeji Oran are regular faces in mysterious Yoruba movies and play scary roles. The adults who are mistaken by most as kids because of their stature got their first role in late Ajileye’s movie ‘IDE’ where they gained popularity.

The married duo have featured in many movies before tehy passed on. Movies by the late producer like ‘Koto Aiye’, ‘Seranko Seniyan’ and others. The actors also played fuji with top fuji stars like Alhaji Muri Thunder and Pasuma.

In the following interview, they talked about their career, marriage, new movie launch, and other important issues. This will give you an insight to their lives and how they lived it.

How did you start your acting career?

We thank God and late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye who took us into the industry. He saw the potentials in us and went to talk to our mother. She accepted and we started our acting career.

How long have you been in the industry?

It has been a long time. We started in 1993.

What was your first movie?

Our first movie was ‘Ide’ which we did with Alhaji Ajileye.

How did you feel during your first time on set?

We were always singing fuji before we started acting. We usually practise and play at events.

Did you train under any veteran fuji artiste?

No, we just started singing because we have the talents.

Which one do you prefer more- acting or singing?

We don’t really prefer any one to another. Both are good for us.

Tell us the movies you have featured in

We have featured in many movies like ‘Ide’, Seranko Seniyan’, ‘Koto Aiye’, ‘Alaga Council’, ‘Eran Iya Osogbo’ and others.

Which one brought you to the limelight?

‘Ide’ took us to the stardom.

What can people say to make you unhappy?

There is nothing they say that hurts us.

Have you ever regretted the way God created you?

We have never regretted it. We always thank God, at least, we are still alive.

Have you produced any movie of your own?

Yes, ‘Osuolale’ and ‘Okan abunu’ but they are not yet out. ‘Osuolale’ will be released first and it talks about how we were born and how we were rejected. People will know that God exists when they watch this movie.

What are the names of your wives?

Our wives’ names are Blessing and Modinat. We met our wives, we talked to them and they married us.

Some people think you are kids, how old are you?

We are 38 years old.

We heard that Taiwo’s wife left, what was the reason?

It was Taiwo’s wife that went away. She had a child for him. She ran away with a lot of money. We always believe that whatever happens to us is ordained by God.

Which schools did you attend?

We went to Okeola Nursery School, Osogbo but the headmaster didn’t let us in because of how we look but he was sacked a week later. We went to St. Francis Grammar School. We did not have the opportunity to proceed to university.

Are you the biological father of your children?

Yes, God didn’t make us impotent.

Tell us about your family

We are the last in the family of six.

We heard that the then governor of Osun State gave you cars during your wedding, how true is that?

They didn’t do anything for us. Governor Oyinlola didn’t support us in any way.

Do you have people you teach acting?

Yes, we teach people and the name of our group is Ejire Iyanu Films Productions.

Which countries have you visited since you started acting?

We have travelled far and wide.

 Kehinde’s children are Abdullahi and Abib while Taiye’s child is Abibat.

What about your father?

He died when we were very young

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