How This Popular Yoruba Actress Almost Died After Having Buttocks Enlargement Surgery In Turkey

Nollywood Actress and single mum of two, Iyabo Ojo narrowly escaped death few years ago after embarking on a buttocks enlargement surgery in Turkey. According to report, she fell into a five day coma after having the buttocks enlargement surgery in Turkey.

Kemi Ashefon reports it thus:

“Of a petite frame, she almost lost her life in faraway Turkey, where she quickly went for the birthday party of one of her colleagues but later must have decided to have a ‘bum bum’ surgery.

“What we knew was that she and her colleague, who is also a very good friend of hers, had gone to Istanbul Turkey for a party organized by one of their male fans for them. That was in February 2018 and they had a nice time. She flooded her social media handles with photos of the Turkey shindig,” a source revealed.

“Just before she returned to Nigeria , she must have decided to have a cosmetic surgery in Istanbul. For a body enhancement surgery, you would assume it was harmless and less complicated. But after the surgery, this actress was said to have fallen into coma for five days!”

It was gathered that her friend who escorted her to the country was hysteric.

The popular actress, who has featured in many Yoruba films and now appears in some English movies was almost presumed death until she came to and recuperated.

Though back now to Nigeria, she has soft-pedalled on activities.”

All indications of the report fell to the actress whose description best fit the report.

7 Photos That Prove Iyabo Ojo Is Playing The Mother And Father Role To Her Kids Effortlessly

Playing the role of a mother and that of a father for your children can be difficult for some people, but for Nigerian actress, movie producer, and entrepreneur, it is a walk in the park.

Iyabo Ojo who got married at the age of 21 is a mother of two children, Festus and Priscilla. Iyabo Ojo’s first child, Festus is presently studying at the university outside the country and her daughter Priscilla also having her bachelor’s degree at Babcock University. Not only has Iyabo raised the children singlehandedly, she has also given them all the good things that children of their age would cherish. Expensive trips abroad, designer outfits, etc are some of the privileges they enjoy which goes a long way to say that their mother is playing the role of both parents perfectly.

Here are 7 photos that of Iyabo Ojo and her kids that proves she is the perfect parent

Iyabo Ojo’s daughter is a close friend to Mercy Aigbe’s daughter. Both Iyabo Ojo and Mercy Aigbe are blessed with beautiful daughters. And while the mothers are one of the biggest celebrities in Nigeria today, their children represent the future. Priscilla and Michelle have already started to make a name for themselves and gathering thousands of followers on their social media accounts. Even more so, both daughters get more adorable with every year. And so, logically, a question must be asked – Which one of them is cuter?

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