How to Expand 4GB Memory Card to 128GB (100% working

How to Expand 4GB Memory Card to 128GB (100% working)



This is an easy trick on how to increase SD capacity from 4 GB to 128 GB.

items required:

One Android-version mobile, one 4 GB memory card.

Open and search for SD card information, see 3.64 GB of storage

You will then go to the play shop and download the game. ES server

After this application has been mounted, open the device into internal storage and after opening the SD card you can see the telephone memory then after you open the android files, now create a new folder called ‘det file’ and save the file.

Now you are measuring the sum of 128 GB MB

128 GB=128 Translated to 131072 MB.

Now open the ‘Make it big’ tab, write ‘Make it big 131072 MB’, and save it. After you start the phone again.

You can finally see your SD card 124.97 GB file manager info.

Follow this link to YouTube for one move at a time.

Converting 4 GB to 128 GB memory card

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