How to generate 100% electricity with Copper wire and plug

How to generate 100% electricity with Copper wire and plugHow to generate 100% electricity with Copper wire and plug.




The world is advancing and many people are using free energy all over the world. There are so many ways to generate free energy but only a few people know about it.

Today I will be sharing with you how you can generate free energy that can be able to power 220V appliances in your home.

Materials needed for this experiment are

1. Copper wire



2. Lamp holder



3. 2 motor plugs



4. Board made with wood.

5. Big magnet.



How to build the free energy.

1. The board servers as our house for the free energy.

Place the board on the ground or flat surface, use supper glue to hold the two plugs on the board. Just see image below. Note that the two plugs must be of the level and pointed to the same direction.



2. Coil the copper wire around an object to convert to this shape. See image below.







3. After coiling the copper wire wire, use soldering to attach it to the plug. See image below.



4. Connect the other terminal of the plug to the lamp holder. See image below.





5. After everything, your experiment will look like this.



6. Now the final and most important part. This cannot work without magnet. Look for a big round magnet and place it on the metal surface of the plug. The round magnet must touch the two plugs at the same time. As the magnet is magneted on the metal surface, you have your free electricity.







Note this can enable you to charge your phone, power bulb, use other appliances with 220V or below.

To generate higher volts, you bigger plugs and bigger magnet.

Importance of this experiment.

1. This energy can run for 2 years nonstop. It will only stop when the plug dies. Just buy new plugs and replace it.

2. It makes no noise whatsoever.

3. No smoke

4. It’s free cheap and efficient.

5. It’s easy to construct. Everyone can build it.

Don’t be stingy to share this important technology article to everyone. This is what under 15 Chinese kids are producing. We too can do it here in Nigeria.

Have a nice day ahead of you.

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