How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Phone Calls On Your Phone And Know If Another Guy Likes Her

Monitor And Listen To Your Girlfriend’s Phone Calls: Easy Method 2021



Technology has proving to be efficient and reliable. In this article, I am going to teach you two east ways on how to monitor and listen to any phone call remotely without the target’s notice. Incase you didn’t know, you can easily listen to anyone’s call via your phone. That means, you can be in Accra and listens to anyone’s call easily.

This process is mostly used by cyber security agents, cheating partners and colleagues.

However, the process is broken down into two methods, the first method doesn’t require the use of any app, all that is been required is your android phone and possibly an airtime while the second method requires the use of a special app.




1. An Android Device

2. Airtime

3. Your target’s phone number

Method 1.

1. Pick up your Android Device



2. On your dial pad, dial *61* and the persons number and #. For instance dial *61*0550822905#

3. After dialing the number, then quickly press send


After, kindly wait for sometime and you will see call forwarding. This means that you can easily listen to your partners phone calls. 

4. To cancel the above process, dial #61#

Method 2

The second method is very easy, because you are going to install an app. The steps are simplified below

1. Go to your play store and search for RMC android recorder.



2. After searching for it, press download.

3. Click on allow and go straight to settings

4. Click record.

After following the above procedures, you can now easily listen to anyone’s call, including your partner.

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