How To Make Nigerian Meat Pie Without An Oven, Very Cheap

How To Make Nigerian Meat Pie Without An Oven, Very Cheap

Nigerian Meat Pie is a tasty and delicious snack, filled with minced meat and vegetables. Here is a detailed recipe showing you how to make the perfect and classic Nigerian Meat pie. Feel free to get creative and make this recipe yours. Enjoy.

Note: This process might look lengthy to you but, believe me, it really isn’t, so don’t be discouraged.



Nigerian Meat Pie Ingredients:

The ingredients of the Nigerian meat pie is divided into two;

Firstly, The meat pie filling ingredients:

3 medium carrots

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil


Minced meat (300g)

Garlic (optional)

2 medium Irish potatoes

1 medium onion



Green peas (optional)

Secondly, the Nigerian meat pie dough:

Flour (500g)

1 teaspoon of baking powder

Pinch of salt


Margarine (250g)

Preparations for making the Nigerian meat pie filling.



Grind the meat.

Peel the vegetables, (potatoes and carrots).

Wash the vegetables.

Scrape the carrots.

Cut the vegetables into very small (tiny) pieces.

Chop the onion into pieces.



Note: the directions for making Nigerian meat pie is also divided into two;



the first directions are to prepare the filling of the meat pie.

First, put oil on pan and heat on medium heat.

Second, put the chopped garlic and onions into the oil.

Third, add the ground meat and stir until it loses its pink colour.

Then, add water to the pot.

Add the thyme, curry and stock cube.

Now, cover the pot and leave it for 10 minutes to boil.





Preparations for Nigerian meat pie recipe, continue.

Now, put the diced vegetables, carrots, Irish potatoes and green peas into the pot.

Add salt.

After that, allow it to cook until the vegetables are all done.

Once the vegetables are cooked, put the flour in a cup and dissolve it in water.

Next, mix the mixture of the, then add it to meat pie filling in the pot.

After that, stir very well.

Leave it to cool.



Note: the flour mixture just helps the filling to retain the moisture.

The second step is to prepare the dough;

Step 1: Break the egg and beat the egg in a small bowl.

Step 2: Put a little margarine inside the tray.

Step 3: Get a big bowl and put the plain flour.

Then, add a pinch of salt, baking powder and mix it well.

Once you finished this, put the margarine and mix it thoroughly until the mixture looks like sifted garri.



If you complete this, you complete this, add a little water gradually. Keep mixing thoroughly until the mixture becomes a stiff dough.

Finally, knead the dough until it becomes smooth.

Lastly, allow it to rest for about 5 minutes.



How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie.

First, put the smooth dough on a table and roll it with a rolling pin. Leave it intermediate, not flat or too thick.



Then, use a circular cutter (any clean circle object) and cut out some circles.




Remove the excess dough. 

Next, put some of the meat pie filling in the centre of the circular dough. Rub some whisked egg or water and flour mixture on the edges.



Finally, fold one side of the circular dough to join the other part and form a semicircle.



The Last step is to use a fork and press the edges.



Once you have finished that, filled a pot with sand or stone and put it on the stove.



Rub a tray with margarine and set it in the preheated pot.




When the meat pie is done it starts turning brown. 



This is a Nigerian meat pie made without an oven, made with stove.





Enjoy this classical delicious Nigerian meat pie.

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