How To Permanently Cure Ulcer In 3 Days – The Ultimate Guide

How To Permanently Cure Ulcer In 3 Days – The Ultimate Guide.



Fruits and vegetables have been proven to be highly medicinal and aids in strengthening of one’s immune system and combating of bacterial. Today I will be teaching you guys how you can cure stomach ulcer permanently in 2 days.

A peptic ulcer which is also referred to as gastric ulcer

This emulsion is for all ulcer sores on the lining of the stomach causing excess of stomach acid and heart burn, bacterial infection making the digestive system malfunction and have many small bubbles of gas in the stomach.

this emulsion will join them and help system release the gas and heal you in 3 days.

Materials needed

Pap or smooth corn flour

A tin of liquid milk

1 raw egg


put one portion of pap in a plate or three spoon of any smooth corn flour if you have access to locally made pap in your country. Make use smooth corn flour…..



Add a tin of milk afterwards and stir thoroughly so that the mixture dissolves.

Ensure you do not add water to the mixture.

Make use of the tin milk only, stir the mixture thoroughly, then afterwards, add a raw egg to it.

Stir the mixture again thoroughly the three before drinking.


it should be taking once a day for a period of 5 days.

Endeavor To Seek Medical Advise Often

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