I Gave My Body To Robbers In Exchange For My Husband’s Life But He Is Seeking For Divorce – Fiction

I Gave My Body To Robbers In Exchange For My Husband’s Life But He Is Seeking For Divorce – Fiction

and advice me on this issue, HAD I KNOW, I wouldn’t have done it.



The day this particular incidence occur is the worst day of my life, oh I wish I had listen to the man of God who approached me when I was coming back from work yesterday evening, I left my place of around 6pm, i was rushing on my way home because I need to go and prepare meal for my husband who lost his job because of Coronavirus related issue. I was so in haste that my movement is equal to jogging because the man I gave my all to is an ulcer patient so extreme hunger is not his friend.




As I approach our house, I hear someone say “may God be with you”, so I replied “you too” and it was a man in white dresses and blue waist rope, he look like prophet of celestial church or that of cherubum and sheraphim so I waited to hear what he wanted to say.




He said ” woe be onto the person that is not sent but deliver in the name of lord and woe to the messages that refuses to deliver the message”, he continued, “God of host told me to tell you not to stay in your husbands house to night, I know it will be hard for you to do that but big danger lies beneath, do not stay in your husband’s house or with your husband tonight and you have to start fasting and prayer as a matter of urgency, it will be best if you can lodge in a hotel or go and sleep in any nearest church just for this particular night. His messager has delivered the message, peace be upon you ” he concluded and leave.


I’m a good christian so I started the fasting immediately, I also make decision not to sleep in my husband’s house but a friends house, on the other hand, I cannot leave him in the dark without telling him what’s going on so I decided to enter our home and explain.




Immediately I enter and greet him, he was like baby I’m so hungry please prepare anything for me to eat. I rushed to the kitchen but there where no fast foods available at that moment, no noodles, no rice, no stew so I can prepare eba, we only have beans and yam, can you see how wicked the devil is?


I wouldn’t dare go to the market because of my time so I put the beans of fire, i quickly rush to our sitting room to explain what happened to him but he insist he must eat first before listening. before the beans where done it was already after 9pm. I quickly serve him and as i was about to tell him I had a very hard knock on our door, my heart skipped, I was shivering from head to toe, my hubby who was innocent of what I was thinking, told me to please get the door, the person banged the door again so I rushed to open it and, thank God, it is one of our bachelor neighbor, he came to ask for maggi.




So as i was about to continue while my husband eats, I had a bigger bang on our door with a very rugged voice saying “open this door now or we will break in”.


My husband urinated on his body, this time I wasn’t shivering at all, I was vibrating, none of us could stand up because of the tension so they broke into our house, it was three hefty men in black dresses and black face mask with very dangerous ammunitions. They command us to lie down which we obey, the leader of the group sit on our center table and continued to eat the food my man was eating.


They where nice guys, they joke with us, infact they told is they won’t hurt us but things changed when they ask how much we have, I explained that my husband is jobless and I have not been paid at work so the leader was really crossed, he then said he cannot risk his life on a deadly operation without taking anything, since we don’t have money or valuables they could cart away, he will kill my husband so that next time when he comes to life he will learn not to stay idle as a man.


I began to roll on the floor begging him to have mercy on me, but he refused, I kneeled down, roll on floor, beg him with God’s name, his mother’s name, his father’s name, our President’s name, our country’s name but all to no avail.


He stood up, cork his AK47 riffles, and said good bye jobless man.




Right before he shot, I jump in from of my dear, I beg him to take anything else but leave my husband, what he saw I don’t know but he decided to have me as an exchange for my husband’s life.




It was as if someone slapped my brain, i shouted no way.


I can’t see pity and feelings of betrayal on my man’s face, tears rush down he’s cheeks, he sighted heavily, he cry like a new born baby, he was crying and shaking his head at the same time so I made the worst decision of my life, I said yes.


The armed robbers took their turns, have what they wanted and they where fateful so they left without killing anyone.


I look at my husband, he was full of appreciation that night even though he didn’t speak a word. The next morning, he’s lawyer came visiting, he deliver a letter where my husband was seeking for divorce with a claim that I promised not to see another man till death do us part. I was muted for hours, I don’t know what to say.



What I did was in his favor, I did it to save his life but he is hunting mine, my husband is the best thing that ever happens to me so protecting him with myself shouldn’t be a big deal.


He is adamant of his decision even after sending numbers of friends and well wishers to plead with him, he gave me an ultimatum to sign the letter in three days, I’m big trouble, I don’t know what to do.


Few questions have been running through my mind but where to get the answers I don’t know.


1. Was I wrong?


2. Was he right?


3. Is divorce the best option?


4. What will you do in you are in my shoe?



5. What will you do if you are I’m his shoe?


I know you don’t have much time but please, drop your view as comment.


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