I once Dated a Guy for Years but He Never Touched Me Until I Had To Ask Him Why -Lady

I once Dated a Guy for Years but He Never Touched Me Until I Had To Ask Him Why -Lady

While many ladies see men as players or heart breakers whose only aim is to get in between their legs, there are still some very good men out there who still love, care and respect their decisions of avoiding sex until after marriage. With the way things are right now, sex is no longer seen as anything and many men see it as their birthright whenever a lady visits them. It’s more rampant in the student’s area as the youths there see it as pure enjoyment and nothing more than that, while some few still have time for their studies. When any lady visits a guy, what happens is the guy making moves on the lady. Sometimes, should the man not make any move after the lady may have visited severally, it raises questions in the mind of the lady if the man truly love her or just don’t find her sexually attractive.

A question was asked on a Facebook group to the ladies, asking them if they would be happy should they visit a guy 5 times and he didn’t touch them.



A lady took to the comment section to tell what transpired between her and the guy she once dated. According to her, she dated the guy for years and visited him on several occasions but he never made move on her. She became worried to the extent that she had to confront him on why he hadn’t done such, see the man’s reply to her.







Just like the man above, there are many men that way and still alive today. It all deals with one’s personal conviction on not to try such until he’s married legally. To the ladies, will you be worried if your boyfreind refuses to touch you after 5 visits to him ?



Credit: Facebook group – Onitsha Rant

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