I Shed Tears When I Saw This Conjoined Twins and How They Live Their Lives. See 25 More Pictures

I Shed Tears When I Saw This Conjoined Twins and How They Live Their Lives. See 25 More Pictures.

The video of the story of Neev and Nelly has been making wave on social media as it has inspired many so far. Neev and Nelly are conjoined in the head, which is a very rare form of Conjoined ever. Over the years, twins have been reported to be conjoined in the belly, waist, arm and an out growth from the neck, but a conjoined from the head is a unique feature found in Neev and Nelly.

Neev and Nelly are female conjoined who live in the Netherlands with their big sister. When I saw the video of Neev and Nelly on the social media, I she’d tears looking at the situation of these two but one kid’s, this only remind me of the awesome power of God. Neev and Nelly however, narrated their story and how they have grown and got used to doing their things together.

Just like any other conjoined that could be separated medically, Neev and Nelly’s situation was a peculiar one, they could not be separated because they share an artery together, there to say there is one artery that supplies blood to each of their hearts, this makes it impossible to separate them, cause in attempt to do so, it simply means the death of the two.

Despite getting use to their current condition and lifestyle, there are many things they want to do together, but they can’t, one has to do it first before the other, for example, the two cannot brush their teeth at the same time, one has to brush his first before the other, also, Neev and Nelly cannot out on their trousers alone, they will always need help from their big sister, however, they can out on their uniforms together.

As many religions will see this as the work of God or a supreme being, atheist and other free thinkers will see this as science. Conjoined twins according to science is a situation where there is an incomplete splitting of a single fertilized egg which in cases when successfully splits produce an identical twin, so when this egg has an incomplete splitting before reaching to the uterus, its results to conjoined twins of any form.

Despite Neev and Nelly’s conjoined in the head, they stated that they could not read each other’s mind, there to say these two are independent of each other in thought, dream and aspirations, but are only stuck in one body as a result of the Conjoined by their head. Neev and Nelly however, have adapt to their environment and are doing well, they go to school like every other person, they learn, read and write like any other person.

According to their story, Neev have the perception that Nelly feels she is in charge due to the fact that she falls on the better position to help us get things done, just like finding the TV remote, picking things on high place, and a better view to guide our steps, however, I think we are the same Neev said.



The story of these two is worth changing our lives right now, imagine yourself in their position for one day, what will you do and how will you feel?.

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