I Stopped Watching WWE Wrestling When I Discovered How Wrestling Matches Were Made

I Stopped Watching WWE Wrestling When I Discovered How Wrestling Matches Were Made



As children, we discuss how many wrestlers are very good and unmatched. I really said that the worker was dead who woke up in life until I knew about how the fight happened, my narrative changed.

This article really explains how they struggle and hope they don’t damage your childhood memories.

You may be surprised to learn that the fight has occurred (ie the wrestlers already know the winner of the battle before entering the ring (partial choreography).



Don’t misunderstand, true energy and beauty. The wrestlers make athletic talents, fly and collide with each other on the floor (all while staying in the character).



The wrestlers do this gradual competition before the audience directly. Fixed races and winners who fight with winners are determined based on the popularity of choice and fans of the wrestler.

Compared to other battle offers, WWE broadcasts are not legal contests, pure entertainment

Although races often involve movements that can execute at risk of injury, even death if not done correctly.



The wrestlers don’t really try to hit or hurt each other, even outside the battle, this wrestler who thinks he is the worst enemy is actually the best friend.

The stories behind these characters in the ring are wrong (it is a script like a film).



People really pay to watch this fight, they know they are on stage, when you pay to watch a movie in the cinema, you know it is a script.



Most of the wrestlers are very good athletes, spend years of training about other people to study this movement and do it safely, making this action look very dangerous for the audience.

I hope I don’t destroy your childhood memories of battle

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