I was sacked because I am a lesbian

I was sacked because I am a lesbian


My name is Jenny and I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). I graduated with a Second Class Lower degree and after my youth service, last year, I secured employment with a private company run by a woman in Lagos.


My madam, the Managing Director (MD) of the company, was very good to me. And within a few months of my working with the company, I became good friends with my MD’s daughter, which made me visit her house regularly.


As my boss’s daughter and I became more intimate, I confided in her about my sexual preference and she understood perfectly when I told her I was a lesbian.


To my surprise, she said that she too had developed lesbian feelings with her school mother while she was in secondary school.


She was in the boarding house of one of the Federal Government colleges, which was where she first experienced the touch of another woman and lesbian romance.


She said she recalled those moments with nostalgia and wouldn’t mind if I touched her.


That was how my boss’s daughter and I became lovers. We had many good times together and spent many weekends in secret places until her mother, my boss, started becoming suspicious.


At first, she summoned us and told us that our intimacy was becoming too cold for comfort. She said that we were acting like husband and wife. But we denied anything of the sort and insisted that we were just best of friends.


I didn’t know that my boss put a trail on us. She was watching us closely and sent people to monitor our movements.


Unfortunately, one of the people she sent saw us kissing in the garden, one night and reported it to madam.


My boss was so angry when she heard it. She said that her suspicions had been confirmed and that I had come to corrupt her only daughter and lead her into sin and perversion.


I tried to explain to her that lesbianism, as far as I was concerned, wasn’t as bad as people painted it. But my boss didn’t listen.


The following Monday, at the office, she called me privately into her office for a talk. She gave me a long talk on moral values and concluded by saying that she didn’t want a pervert in her company.


She said I had to leave because I was leading her daughter astray, and handed me a sack letter. I wept and begged her to forgive me but she refused.


That was how I lost my last job, just because I’m a lesbian. I’ve heard before that a guy lost his job in Lagos because he is gay, but I never knew that such a thing could happen to me.


I don’t know why there is so much discrimination against homosexuals in Nigeria. Now I’m desperately in search of another job.


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