If A Snake Enters Your Room, Do These 3 Things To Protect Yourself

If A Snake Enters Your Room, Do These 3 Things To Protect Yourself




Snakes are one of the most dangerous wild animals that man unfortunately has to contend with in the bid to survive in this world. While snakes were created by God and we can’t question him, it is also important to inform anyone reading this article that snakes are very deadly and a single bite from it can send an adult to land of the dead in a twinkle of an eye.




Like I stated above, as humans we have to compulsorily contend with Snakes and the only way to do that safely is to know the immediate steps to take should Incase the deadly animal comes your way. Snakes don’t have legs but they are usually distressed during the dry season and as such look for more pleasant living conditions. While looking for this befitting living condition, they might find their way into your apartment, but then since it’s dangerous, you must find a way to chase it away from your house. So, in this article, you are going to read the 3 things you must do immediately a snake enters your room to protect yourself.




1. The first thing you have to do if you really want to be safe is not to pick up a cutlass or weapon. Instead you need to face it like a wiser animal you are, just pick up any chemical preferably, kerosene and bathe the area you suspect or heard it’s hisses come from. Snakes despise the smell of kerosene and sometimes kerosene kill them, so to ensure that the snake doesn’t hide in a more comfortable area, just pour your kerosene smartly around the area you suspect the snake is. This singular action would force the snake to rush out and start looking for the exit door.


2. After you must have bathed the area with kerosene, the next thing you must do is pick up a weapon that you will use to crush the snake when it rushes out of the hiding place. The kerosene will certainly make the snake start looking for safe exit spots, so stand at an attention with your weapon; whenever it comes out you can easily crush it with the weapon.






3. Secure any person or animal that can be easily attacked by the snake while bombarding it with disturbances. You know animals like snakes attack more when they are upset, so the need to take off any valuable of yours that can be harmed by the snake cannot be overemphasized. Secure everything that have to do with you whilst attacking the snake until you either kill it or chase it away from your apartment.


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