If You Are A Woman, Don’t Open This Message, It Is Not Meant For You

If You Are A Woman, Don’t Open This Message, It Is Not Meant For You!


So much pressure on a male figure! Since from Adam and Eve, man is set to be the one suffering in order for his family to get what to eat!


The truth is that,,, even if you are now a rich and wealthy, it is because you either suffered before you get it, Or your parents/fore father’s did suffer for you to have what you have now! There’s no way a good thing will come easy!


A woman can be from a typical village holding whatever level of poverty upon her, but she can still marry even a Governor! But no man from a village holding a little poverty can marry a Governor’s daughter! Never!


Have you ever wonder why? Yes it’s just because women are product just like any other product! Get it! When you finally understand that women can be bought just as you can buy a car, then you will understand it’s only you that have a world in your hands.


When I see some men begging for a lady’s love, I remember that this man is still unaware of the things he needs to know.


It’s just like you went to a car garage and start begging for a free motor! know that even if the owner of that garage will give you a key for a car, it must just be for renting! Nobody will give you a free car just like that.




And you have to know that when you rented a car from a garage, then it can be sold by the owner at anytime someone want to buy it!


This is the same thing with women, if you don’t have money, no woman will give you her full heart, whenever a rich man confront her for a love, she will certainly vacate to him.



Imagine Wizkid come and propose to your girlfriend for a love, while you can’t manage to have one million naira, do you think your girlfriend will remember that she has a boyfriend and reject him? Never!


Oh… Just remember Rema’s new date, then you will understand what I’m saying above!



What I’m saying? It’s simple! Focus on your future rather than focusing on women which you can buy whenever you gathered money.


A lady that is twisting and manipulating you now anyhow, it’s just because she doesn’t see a mansion with a car packed aside. She will be the one kneeling and begging you and even crying just to have you! Take it!




I never see a rich man begging for a love but only in a film. When you gather money, women will be the one rushing to you.


Are you an upcoming music artist? Are you a student? Or whatever category!


See what might be the reason why you never or you will never achieve anything from your hustle site…


Many guys follow what they see other people doing even if their mind never accept such!


Today many guys are into school because they see people are going!


many guys are now into music even if the are not talented just because they see people are making money therein!




The truth is that, you can never fulfill the purpose of your earthly living until you finally understand what you are sent for.


You can’t just go and manage your self as a singer, making it your hustle site even if you are not talented, that’s why many people spent more than 10 years singing but still remain as an upcoming artistes.


While someone with that talent can only sing once and it will make him blow!




If you do music more than 8 years without any changes, then music is not for you, find another thing to do.


Same things, if you are into school because you see many people are going so you decided to go too while having a good talent which needs only a little work to make you money, remember that you are not serving people but trying to help yourself out of the bondage.




If you are talented and you know that if you spend little money on your music it will make you blow, then why spending that money in school again while you will decide to go back to school when you are done blow?




You have to understand that everybody will simply make money if only he understand his true talent, that’s mean, if you want to make money from a different site other than your talent, then know that it will take you more time even if you will achieve something there.


I’m not talking only on music talent, I’m talking about every talent general you found yourself can do it very well, then just focus on it and see what will happen.


All in all I wanna tell you that, as a male figure, you have a lot of problems upon you, so you need a lot of money to reduce your pressure, don’t weak your body, hustle hard, but most in all make sure that you have enthusiasm in your hustling!


Never engage in a hustle because you see other people are doing which your heart never accept, otherwise you might fail!

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