If You Are Between 16 And 23 Years Old, These 6 Things Will Happen Soon To You

If You Are Between 16 And 23 Years Old, These 6 Things Will Happen Soon To You

Growing up as a kid has always been fun and circulated among 3 common principles. The first which is you go to school, the second which is you play and the last, which is you eat.



But as time goes on, you realize that these things you get freely are not happening like before. This is when you know you have started entering the teenage level and facing some responsibilities all by yourself.

When you start entering your late teens, things start feeling weird around you. Your parents at this point have started expecting your fruit (success) and they are no longer catering for you unlike before.



Once this start, you begin to have a lot of needs and wants and this is when you start catering for your needs and replacing them with your wants.

Now during this process six things are very likely to happen to you, and when they do, it all depends on how you want your future to be.

The age of 16,17,18,19,20,21,22 and 23 isn’t easy because it is at these stages the reality of life hits you and determines if you would become successful in the future or not.

Here are Six things you would face during these ages.



1. You Lose friends

If you haven’t started losing friends then you haven’t started the journey of life. I have presently lost more friends than I have gained since the past years which I feel it is the effect of life.

2. You Make Mistakes

Yes, making mistakes is very normal at these stages but when you do, always try never to repeat that same mistake.



3. You Fall

There are different ways to define this fall. But for the purpose of this article I’ll talk about love. From the age of 16, you start feeling some strange emotions over another person, and you end up being madly in love with someone who might care less about you.



4. You Realize Things

This is the stage you visualize reality. You see things and begin to ask “Why”. Furthermore, you ask questions about everything concerning life.

5. You Hit Reality

This is the stage where you start knowing the meaning of life and what to live for in life. You then realize that all fingers are not equal.



6. You Lose Yourself And Become Stronger

A few people don’t pass this stage in life. This is the point you feel depressed and tired of life. Some people at this point have had enough of what life has to offer and therefore, they commit suicide not knowing that this is the hardest stage of life. Once you can pass this stage, you feel stronger and ready to face anything that comes your way.

Life is just like a game, and you know the higher the game level, the harder it becomes. The only difference between life and a game is that there is no replay button. Live your life to the fullest. God is always with you!

I hope this article was helpful.

Photo credit : Pixabay.com

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