If You Are Broke And Above 25 Years Old, Start Doing These 10 Things Quickly

If You Are Broke And Above 25 Years Old, Start Doing These 10 Things Quickly.


Not having money to foot your bills or get some of the things that you need for yourself is not something to joke about. So many people are on the verge of giving up, because they do not have any means for steady income to cater their selves, and sometimes their family members.




The truth is that most people that are poor today became so because of the wrong choices that they made in the past. Others are due to the kind of lifestyle that they have lived and the company they keep. It is true that some persons were not born into wealth and their lives have been very tough right from childhood.


But there are so many people out there, who are breaking the chains of poverty and uplifting their families. How are they doing it? The rich people that you see today did not get rich overnight. They actually worked towards it from scratch, and today they are doing well. Having said that, i bring you ten things that you can do that will set you on a pathway to wealth.


1, Change Your Friends.



If you are keeping the kind of friends who do not talk about business and new opportunities, then it is time to change them. As i have said before, the people you keep company with influences what you will become. If all your friends are drunkards, there is every possibility that you will soon become a drunkard. So if you want to be rich, make friends with people who are chasing their life goals and soon you will become like them.


2, Change Your Lifestyle.




The kind of lifestyle you live influences your pocket too. Some persons are fond of portraying themselves as though they are rich, when truly they’re not. Just as my mentor, Mr. Reno Omokri always says, “the cost of living a fake life is often expensive than the cost of being true to yourself” You don’t have to spend the money you don’t have on clothes to impress the people who do not even care about you! If it’s one shirt that you have, wear it provided you are saving to invest.


3, Cut Down Your Cost.



You are already above 25 years old and maturity has taken over you. How well can you prove that you are mature if you cannot discipline yourself on how you spend your money? One of the surest ways to poverty is buying the things that you do not need in your life. For you to be on the pathway to wealth, you must first of all prioritize your needs before wants.


4, Start A Business.




Even if your salary or daily income is meager, still save something to start a side business; no matter how little that business may be. Owning your own business and selling something is one of the surest ways to wealth. You don’t need to have a very huge capital before you can start a business for yourself. If you cannot manage a little business then you cannot manage a big business no matter how you may want to look at it. Start small and grow it into something big then fire your boss before he fires you.


5, Invest In Self Development.



The only way you can develop yourself is by acquiring knowledge. And that can only happen when you read good books. Read books about how to manage money, investments, leadership and how to interact with large number of people. Because soon, your business will grow very big and you will need interactive skills to communicate with others and handle pressure too.


6, Change How You See Money.



The way rich people see money is very different from the way poor people do. Poor people see money as fruits that needs to be consume the moment it comes. But rich people see money as seeds that needs to be planted. The rich always invest their money and wait for that money to bring in more money before they consume. So if you want to be rich, you must start seeing money as seed.


7, Mind Your Choice In Words.



It is very true that words have powers and whatever we speak into existence happens. So you may want to mind how you use your own mouth to say negative things about yourself. Often times, most poor people say that they don’t have money. And truly, they will not have money because they have already pronounced it with their mouths. Before you can become rich, you must talk, think and work the way rich people do.


8, Take Responsibility.



Another way you can become wealthy is by taking responsibility for your actions. When you learn to own up to your responsibilities, whether good or bad, you will then start to live your life is a very cautioned manner. It is only a person who is well cautioned and responsible that can control and manage money. Because he knows that if anything goes wrong, he will be the one to take all the blames.


9, Exercise Regularly.




If you should take a look at some of the wealthy men around the world today, you will notice that they do go for road walk almost everyday. One of the benefits of regular exercise is that it gives you good health and sound mind. When you exercise regularly, it stirs up your heart and energizes it to pump quality blood and oxygen to your brains for proper thinking and understanding. So if you want to become rich, exercise regularly.


10, Pray Often.



This is one of the most important amongst all. After you must have done all of the above, you must go down on your knees and call on God to bless what you have setup for success. God said that he will surely bless the works of your hands. One reason some people prays and still remain poor is that they do not have what God needs to bless. You cannot pray and sleep and be expecting God to bless you? It does not work like that. You must work and pray for God’s blessings.


Well, i hope i have made my points clear? If you have anything to say, let me know in the comment section below. Do not forget to

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