If You Don’t Tell Your Daughter These 6 Things, You Are Not A Good Mother

If You Don’t Tell Your Daughter These 6 Things, You Are Not A Good Mother

Mother is by far one of the most important people in a child’s life, especially if the child is a daughter. You are the person that your daughter looks up to, and you need to guide her so that she doesn’t take the wrong steps.


Most of the things that she will experience and encounter in life, you have already experienced them, and that qualifies you as a role model for your daughter. And there are some things that you need to tell your daughter, as the role model that you are, those things will continue to guide her throughout her life.

Below are six things that if you don’t tell your daughter, will show that you’re not a good mother.

1. Let her know that her body is her pride and that she needs to protect it all cost. You need to tell your daughter the importance of good dressing, and that people will address her the way she’s dressed.

2. Let her know that she can be financially independent and won’t need to depend on any man, by simply working hard and succeeding at her chosen field.



3. Let her know that she shouldn’t enter a relationship that won’t lead to marriage, and that such a relationship is a waste of time and has no future. Teach her the value of patience and waiting for God’s time.

4. Tell her the importance of choosing her friends wisely, because people will define her based on the people she mingles and moves with. Remind her the African proverb that says, “Show me your friend and I will tell you the kind of person you are.”

5. Let her know how cunning and manipulative guys can be just to have their way with her. So that she’ll be very careful when dealing with guys, and won’t fall victim to their pranks.



6. Let her know that education is not just a choice, but a prerequisite if she wants to have a bright and pleasant future, and if she wants to be respected amid her friends and associates. You should also tell her that no successful man would marry an uneducated woman, so if she wants to get married to someone successful, she needs to take her education seriously.

If you don’t tell your daughter these six things, you are not a good mother. Don’t forget to share your opinions.

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