If You Have a BVN and It is Linked To Your SIM Card, Please Read This For Your Own Good

If You Have a BVN and It Is Linked to Your SIM Card, Please Read This for Your Own Good





The BVN known as bank verification number is one of the most important thing a bank account owner has. This 11-digit number can be used by fraudsters to take money from your account. If you have a BVN that is linked to any of your SIM Cards, then losing such SIM Card is very dangerous. However, it is not only about losing the SIM Card, using your phone number to transact business online with fraudulent websites is also very dangerous. That is why it is advisable never to disclose your BVN that has been linked to your SIM card.



Fraudsters have been able to create fake websites in form of granting loans or doubling your money (Ponzi schemes), and when you fill in your phone number and your BVN, they can have access to your finance. Some of these sites are unauthorized. Beware of websites that do not have the letter “S” included at the back of the http://. Safe websites usually have https://, and the S stands for security.



Another things this scammer do is to call your phone after getting your number, and claim that you have certain challenges on your account. They might have been able to know your date of birth probably after checking your Facebook profile, and this might make you think they are genuine. They would then ask for your BVN and since you may have linked your BVN number to the number they call you may be moved to give them. However, this is very wrong.



It is advisable that if you have any issue with your bank account you go over to the bank to sort it out. Also if you get a call from anyone claiming you have an issue with your bank, tell them you would go over to the office to settle the issue.

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