If you keep eating these 2 food combinations, your blood pressure will improve

If you keep eating these 2 food combinations, your blood pressure will improve

This is one topic I like writing on because my dad is hypertensive and he would always tell me “mama, all this writing and teaching you always give, hope you have taught on Hypertension and what hypertisive People can eat and enjoy?” I would then smile and reply ‘yes sir’.

He always says that because when he was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, he had difficulty in finding the right enjoyable meal, almost all his regular and most enjoyable foods were banned, but due to research, we found healthy foods that he can enjoy. Funny enough these meals are common and easy to prepare

So today, I’ll like to tell you about two delicious and healthy food combination my dad eats and enjoys(they also Improve his blood pressure), so the world can benefit to:

1. Healthy Mixed Rice

Forget the long name o, this food is amazing. The ingredients you would need to prepare it are

Healthy rice( either our local abakaliki rice which is usually short grain or basmatic rice).


Stock fish


Pepper( I use shombo because of the color)




Crayfish powder


Fresh tomatoes (optional)


Cooking oil(heart friendly ground nut oil or Olive oil)




Salt and seasoning to taste


Boiled or roasted chicken (optional)


Here is a quick recipe on how to prepare it, it’s the same way you make your Concotion rice

1. Wash and perboil your rice, basmatic is not usually perboiled though. Then set aside


2. Dice your Pepper, onion, and fresh tomatoes, and mix together with other vegetables you want to add


3. Wash your stock fish with hot water and set aside


4. Dice your leafy vegetables and set aside


Now that all these are set, you can cook your food:

1. To a pot add clean water that will cook the rice, diced onions, pepper and tomatoes, crayfish powder, ground nut oil, and your washed stock fish, place on fire and bring to boil

2. When it has boiled, season to taste, add your rice and allow to cook

3. When the rice has dried, reduce the heat, add your diced vegetables, stir, allow to simmer for a while and bring down.


Serve your delicious healthy mixed rice and enjoy this one a million meal.

Note: The color of the rice depends on the Ingridrients you used in preparing it( spices, pepper, tomatoes e.t.c)

Effects of this meal on your blood pressure

1. From the stock fish to the vegetables to the nature of the rice, cooking oil used, down to the cooking method, all contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that fights negative cholesterol level and promotes healthy blood vessels and heart functions

All these will definitely have a good influence on your blood pressure and of course your taste buds will be happy about it

Oats and banana

This is our next wonder meal. This one does wonders to your general health. They not only promote healthy blood pressure they also take care of glucose(sugar) level and keep your weight in check.


Aside these stated benefits,oats and banana combo gives a satisfying effect, you get full on time and you won’t get hungry easily.


Oats are easy to prepare, cooking instructions are usually on label, I.e they are written on the container. After cooking your oats, you wash, peel and cut your bananas inside and enjoy your meal. Take with honey and not sugar


This combo is also good for ulcer and is more effective when you take it as breakfast. Thanks for reading. Kindly share this article to spread the knowledge.

Also like and ask questions if any.


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