If you want all your prayers answered by God, avoid doing these things

If you want all your prayers to always get answered by God, avoid doing these things


There are so many Christian faithful whose prayers do not get answered by God anytime they pray. Many even go to the mountain, fast for days still; they do not get what they want from God.




In the course of this article, I have 2 major reasons which could be behind that and I will also propose some things that you must stop doing, in order to get what you want from God.


It is evident in the book of Matthew 7:7 that we should seek God for whatever we need and we will receive it. Following this, many Christians ask God for many things but they never get positive response because of the following things:


Insufficient faith in God: The power of faith can never be overestimated. Faith is more powerful than Prayer. Many Christians make the mistake of praying with two minds; one of faith and the other of doubt. Anyone who does not have full faith in God cannot receive anything from him.




According to James in the bible, we must pray in faith and without any doubt. It was mentioned in the bible that even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you can command the mountain to move. All what we need is faith in God. Many Christians believe God is able but he cannot do everything for them


Without praying to God, a non-believer can even get what he wants if he has faith in himself; that is the power of faith. Faith is so powerful than our prayers to God.


The second hindrance is Sin: Christians are guilty of this. It was said in the bible that sins hinders intercession. If God will answer the prayers of a Christian, it would be that of a holy one who conforms his life to the holy will of the Lord God.


The book of Isaiah 59:2 shows how Isaiah warned the people of Israel to flee from their sin, so as for their God to hear them. This is also evident in Peter’s declaration in the book of (1 Pet 3: 12); where he says that the eyes of the lord are only upon those that are righteous and his ears unto their supplication.





If you truly want you prayers answered, you will have to wash yourself of all iniquities and God will carry you with open hands.


After doing these things, you need to sincerely say the following Prayers to God now:



Oh lord, I want you to accept me like the prodigal son and forgive me all of my iniquities.


Oh Lord, I declare my absolute Faith in you once again today, Father, please aid my steadfastness in you.


Any impunity that may serve as hindrance to my prayers from now on, oh lord remove them; For in Jesus Mighty Name We have prayed.


Try as much as possible to follow this account for more of this and forward this to all your loved ones.


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