If You Want to Live Long, Here Are 4 Things You Should Never Fight For

Because life, as you know, has no duplicate, everyone of you should be cautious with your life while you go about your daily activities.


If there’s anything you should try right away in this life, it’s long life, because when there’s life, there’s trust. A man’s desire may be stifled when he passes away, so as long as you’re living, your expectation is as long as the Mississippi River.




To stay alive, you’ll have to overlook a few problems and treat this as a commercial hub. There is nothing you brought with you and nothing you will take with you. Try not to make things difficult for yourself on the grounds that it is all vanity in the end.


There are four wars you should avoid if you want to live a long life.




Those four include the following:




1. Fight for the ladies.


No women is attached to you during childbirth, so don’t imagine that now that you’ve met Angela, no one can take her away from you.


You should never consider fighting your individual man for the sake of acquiring your better half because it is not justifiable, regardless of the potential benefits. If you don’t know what you’re doing, she’ll marry another man regardless of how great you fight to get her back.


Individuals who fight over young women don’t last very long. Allow yourself to be led!




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2. The Land Battle.


What exactly is it that you’re fighting for when it comes to land? Why fight about it when you met it and will abandon it for someone else a short time later?




Several people have died as a result of the property dispute, while others have yet to understand their duties.


Honestly, despite any potential benefits, giving your life for the sake of land isn’t warranted. My father’s territorial problem has had the potential to take the lives of many people throughout the years. People are using charms and other means to take people’s lives as a result of land, therefore please figure out how to keep a safe distance from land contests.




People may push you to the barrier by asking, “Are you going to keep watching him to take your father’s territory away from you?” However, your brain should tell you that your life is more important than that land. In the event that you are still alive, you can buy ten times that amount of land. Keep in mind that you arrived from a remnant (land), and you will return from a comparable residue (land). Try to avoid squabbling over land.




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3. Fight for political power.




Many opponents kick the bucket during races because they believe “I should be the victor.” You will agree with me that the round of legislative issues is the most harmful game to play. If you need to fight for a specific position, your opponent may be able to successfully end you in order to have easy access to the position. Enjoying any terrible manifestation only to secure yourself will be an affront to your Maker, therefore it is best to avoid it at all costs. I understand that there is money to be made in legislative matters, but you must exercise caution. There are a variety of places where you can go and deposit your money, thus it couldn’t be a legal issue. If you want to live a long life, I strongly advise you to avoid political confrontations.




Battle for Vengeance is the fourth game in the series.


Regardless of how betrayed or wounded you feel, I need you to understand that seeking vengeance isn’t the greatest option. There is nothing that happens under the sun that God is unaware of, which is why the Bible states that revenge is of the Lord.


Allow me to use the following as a model: Someone murdered a member of your family, and you are confident of it. However, it appears that the law isn’t making the best decision, and it isn’t in your power to seek retribution. Apart from breaking God’s and the law of the nation, you may end up losing your life in the process, so what’s the point, right?




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Let’s assume you didn’t die while attempting to retaliate and you succeeded in ending the executioner’s life. What do you have left to do? Will God acknowledge you? On the Day of Atonement, in what capacity will you protect yourself?







It would be perfect if you could leave us to figure out how to leave vengeance for God while still remaining alive.




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