If You Wish To Succeed In Life, Please Don’t Tell Anyone Any Of These 7 Things Until You Do Them

If You Wish To Succeed In Life, Please Don’t Tell Anyone Any Of These 7 Things Until You Do Them







Surely, every one wishes to be a successful person in life, free from financial troubles or issues. However, not everybody can be rich and successful, or else, the world won’t be balanced. Some people fail to make it in life, especially because they use their own mouth or actions to destroy their future plans. In this life, there are some things which a person with aspiring goals and dreams ought not to tell anyone.




Human beings are very unpredictable and can change like chameleons at any point in time. Trust no one, even your close friends, family and loved ones because you’ll never know what would happen next or where your betrayal would be coming from. Many youths of nowadays are actually very shallow and childish sometimes, they love to show off their life achievement and future plans, without thinking about the consequences of their actions.




We are now living in a type of society where a person’s best friend can plan evil against them, sometimes even killing them by food poisoning or other dubious methods. Telling others about a future plan before you execute them or make it happen is quite ridiculous, in actual sense. In this article, I’ll be mentioning 7 very important things which a person should avoid telling others until its done. See them below;


1. Never Tell Anyone The business you plan on starting up.





Make sure you don’t tell anyone about a business which you are planning to start up until you have already finalized every thing and about to start.


2. Never tell any one you’re pregnant till they see it themselves.



This one applies to married couples who loves to show off and announce their pregnancy on social media even if its just 5 days old. Rather, a couple or single lady should wait for people to start noticing she’s pregnant themselves.


3. Never tell anyone the time you’re getting married till you’re 100% sure.





Some ladies end up telling their close pals who are frenemies about when they plan on getting married to their love interest. Some ladies on social media be like: “I love him so much and we are planning on getting married in 2024”, no this is totally wrong. Make sure your wedding card is already printed before you start telling people.


4. Never tell anyone about your plans to build a house till you are fully equipped.



Some people make the mistake of announcing their plans to build a house, even when they have not started buying cements and blocks. Don’t try this.


5. Never reveal to anyone the amount of money in your bank account.




No body should ever make this terrible mistake of revealing to their friends the exact amount of money in their bank account.


6. Never tell anyone about your plans to buy a car till you are fully ready.



Some people make the mistake of revealing their plans to buy a car to friends even when the complete money isn’t ready yet.


7. Never tell anyone that you can’t live without them, or if they leave you, you’ll die.




This is one of the factors that kills most relationship, especially because the partner they told this, will start taking them for granted.


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