If Your Phone Gets Stolen Don’t Panic, Do These 4 Things Immediately Before It Is Too Late

If Your Phone Gets Stolen Don’t Panic, Do These 4 Things Immediately Before It Is Too Late





Losing a phone is not something that should be taken for granted, especially when it was stolen. This is because phones contain some of our very personal details, and some of these details can be used to carry out some fraudulent acts on a person. One of the ways your phone can be used against you is; the person who stole the phone might send a message to your loved ones asking for urgent transfer of money. Some do this when they do not have access into your bank details. However, if they do, they do not need to contact anyone, all they do is to make use of your sim card to take all the money in your account.


In this article, I would be highlighting 4 key things you should do immediately your phone gets stolen from you.




The first thing to do is to make a call to your network provider, give them your phone number, and ask them to block your sim card. This is very easy especially when you have the pack in which your sim card came in when you purchased it. They would also ask you some questions only you are conversant with before they can go on to block your sim card for you.






Call your account manager and request that he/she blocks your bank account. If you do not have the phone number of your account manager all you need to do is to go quickly to the bank. There you would inform the customer service agent about what happened, and the necessary measure to secure your account would be taken.




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You should take the pack of your phone which was stolen and write down the IMEI number which is clearly written on the pack your phone came in when you bought it. With these IMEI number, you would be able to track the person who stole the phone. You can go over to the police station with the number and other details of the stolen phone.






One other thing you can possibly do to ensure that the person who stole your phone doesn’t use your SIM card to take money from your account is to retrieve your SIM. Once you retrieve your SIM, you would be in full control of your contact and you can make the next necessary step to secure yourself further.


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