If your SOUP gets sour, do not throw it away, use these two INGREDIENTS to restore it

If your SOUP gets sour, do not throw it away, use these two INGREDIENTS to restore it

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We all know how electricity had not been stable in the country. Imagine using your hard earning money to prepare soup and it gets bad because of epileptic power supply. Now you are in between opinion whether to throw away the pot of food you spent a fortune to cook and it is very tasty or to go ahead and ear. We all had been there at one point in time in our lives.

In this article. I am going to share with you an exciting and simple kitchen trick to help you salvage your spoilt or sour soups.



This simple trick will help you remedy that your sour soup and will be ready in no time for consumption.



Now, I would like to let us know that what makes our soup sour are the actions of bacteria. And this bacteria comes from the environment that surrounds your soup,such as your pot and spoons

So, whenever you soup the last meal from the pot, do well to warm the soup at least twice a day to avoid it getting bad. You know that most bacteria are not resistant to heat, anytime you heat your soup, you destroy them.

Also, deeping your bare hands directly into your pot of soup, or use a spoon to turn the soup when it is not hot or steaming will make it go bad too.

The two ingredients needed to salvage you sour soups are PALM OIL AND ONIONS.

Like I said earlier, all you need are: Onion And Palm Oil.





This is something I have trued out and it worked perfectly.

For your egusi, banga ,Ogbono soup and any other type of soup.

1. Put a generous amount of oil in a pot, allow to lit a little ( please, do not bleach). Slice in your onions, add crayfish and fresh pepper depending on how spicy you want it. Do not add salt or seasoning yet.

2. Then, add half cup of water to the sauce, then add the sour soup and mix thoroughly.

3. Cook on low heat.



4. Your soup is restored. Go ahead and taste to confirm. Check for seasoning too.

Alternatively, you can also, add all the afore mentioned direct into the pot of soup without fry and it will still come out great. But personally, I prefer the first method. The smell of the onion is an appetizer for me.

I can tell you these for free that these tricks work for almost every soup, including Egwusi, Ogbono, and Banga soups etc. Try it out and thank me later.

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