Killed And Dissolved In Acid, The Intriguing Story Of Patrice Mulumba

Killed And Dissolved In Acid, The Intriguing Story Of Patrice Mulumba


Close To Kinshasa Airport,You Will Find The Statue of Patrice Mulumba,The Gruesome Murder Of Patrice Mulumba Is One That Has Haunted The Democratic Republic Of Congo Till This Day,It Is A Pity That No One Has Been Punished For The Death Of The First Prime Minister Of Congo

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Patrice Lumumba Was Born On 2nd July 1925,He Was a Congolese Politician and Was At The Forefront In The Fight For Independence For The Congolese People,On June 12 1960,The Belgian Colonist Granted Independence To The Congolese People After Much Struggle,What Was Supposed To Bring Enormous Joy To Mulumba Turned Out To Be The Beginning Of His End

In The Independence Day Celebrations,Lumumba Spoke Against Belgium For Its Brutal Colonial Methods,He Spoke Against Their Oppressive Rule And Explained In Details How He Wanted a Better Congo For His People,This Did Not Go Down Well With The Belgian King And Belgian Diplomat,They Were Shocked At The Vision The Young Man Has For His Country,An Agenda That Does Not Sit Well With The Western World,Lumumba Wanted To Free The Country From The Colonial Shackes Of Belgium,He Wants To Unite All The Ethnic Groups In Congo

Most Importantly,He Wants Congo To Take Full Control Of Their Natural Resources As They Have Copper,Cobalt,Timber As Their Natural Resources,With The Independence Day Speech Of Lumumba,Belgium And The United States Knew That Their Influence On Congo Will Die Down Sooner Or Later,So They Decided To Get Rid Of The Government Of Mulumba That Is Barely Two Months Old,The Assassination Of Mulumba Was Made Top Priority

Chaos And External Influence

Despite Being An Independent Country,The Belgians Refused To Let Go Of The Congolese Authorities To Do Things As They Please,One Of The Regions In The Country With The Most Natural Resources Was a Place Called Katanga,The Belgians Quickly Used This To Their Benefit As They Sponsored The Katanga Region To Breakaway From a Nation That Newly Gained Independence,This Action Plunged The Nation Into a Full Blown Civil War,Patrice Mulumba Was Not Ready For Such a War,He Quickly Sought For Help From The United States And They Turned Him Down,He Then Turned To The Soviet Union,This Singular Action Convinced The Belgian That It Was Time To Assassinate Patrice Mulumba Because The Last Thing They Wanted Was To See Congo Become a Communist State.

Patrice Mulumba Arrested

The Belgian Authorities Turned To Army Chief Joseph Mobutu,They Saw Him As One They Could Trust,Everything Happened So Quickly Just Like a Flash,Lumumba Was Caught And Put Under House Arrest,He Managed To Escape But Mobotu’s Troops Caught Him,He Was Beaten And Tortured In The Most Unimaginable Way,Lumumba Was Very Much Loved By His People,They Wanted To Free Him But The United States And Belgium Knew That Would Be A Disaster,So They Had Mulumba Killed,The Belgians Hurriedly Arranged A Firing Squad And One Of The Brightest Minds In Africa Was Put To Death

As If That Was Not Enough,Fearing a Revolt From Those Who Loved Mulumba,His Body Was Dissolved In Acid To Get Rid Of The Evidence That He Has Been Killed,But After Sometime,They Opened Up That He Was Trying To Escape Hence They Killed Him,His Remains Was Taken And Buried,In 2002,The Belgian Authorities Apologised for The Role They Played In The Assassination Of Patrice Mulumba,It Is Like Medicine After Death,No Amount Of Apology Can Undo The Damages Of His Death

The Only Crime Patrice Mulumba Committed Was Wanting a Better Life For His People,In His Last Letter To His Wife Before He Was Executed,He Bluntly Said”I Don’t Know If You Will Read This Letter When I am Still Alive,Weep Not For Me For Even After My Death,Congo Shall Fight Back And Claim What Is Rightfully Theirs”

With His Right Hand Raised,Today His Statue Stands Proudly In The Democratic Republic Of Congo,Despite Living a Short Life Of 35 Years,He Impacted Positively On The Lives Of His People,Such People Are Difficult To Come By In Africa,We Remember Him Today and Always,Continue To Rest In Peace Patrice Mulumba

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