Ladies Call A Doctor If You Notice These Three (3) Things (with pictures)

Ladies Call A Doctor If You Notice These Three (3) Things (with pictures)


There are different types of infection that hinders a lady from living her daily lives free from pains, depression and health complications. Women are known to be vulnerable to different types of infections. This infections come in different forms and can sometimes be deadly or leads to infertility(not being able to give birth).






There are signs and symptoms a woman shouldn’t ignore because it could be a deadly infection that can fertile if not properly monitored or treated.


#1. Itching and irritation in the vagina and at the entrance to the vagina (vulva).


This is not a good signs as there are different infections that can lead to it and if not properly taken care of it could lead to severe health problems. So you should see a doctor immediately to save your life and promote healthy living. Example of such health conditions that can cause itching and irritation in the vagina are Vaginal Yeast infection, Urinary infections, Menopause, sexual transmitted diseases, etc.




#2. Bleeding from the anus or rectum




Don’t take this condition as a mere health condition that will go away easily. These is a sign of different diseases like Anal cancer, Anal infections, Diabetes, Gonorrhea and other infections. You should seek your doctor’s attention immediately. Talk to him or her about it and allow the doctor to study the symptom and risk associated with it. Ask the doctors questions, especially if you have any factors that increase your risk of anal cancer.







#3. Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange




This is one thing that you shouldn’t take for granted. Redness and of the skin is a symptom of cancer which can be any form of cancer. You should contact your doctor and ask him or her questions about the risk of developing cancer and how to prevent it.





You shouldn’t ignore any symptoms or signs you see in your body. Ignoring this may cause serious health problems.


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