Lady Rapes 17- Year- Old Boy, See The Funny Reason Why She Committed The Crime

Lady Rapes 17- Year- Old Boy, See The Funny Reason Why She Committed The Crime

A Florida woman has is currently in police custody after she was accused of Raping a 17- year- old teenage boy. The incident reportedly happened at Port Charlotte, a county city in Florida, United States of America.

The woman whose name is given as Jessica Good. She is 43 years old. She is being charged with child abuse and unlawful s£xual activities with an underage boy. The boy in question is regarded as underage by the state law of Florida. If you are not 18 years old as at the time of the act, it will be regarded as an unlawful s£x, thereby punishable by law. It does not matter if the boy or the minor agrees to the act.

But did the 17- year- old boy agree to have s£x with the lady or he was indeed raped? Here is what reportedly happened. According to reports, the 17- year- old boy attended one of his friends’ 16th birthday. The birthday party was held at a Bowling Alley. There are a lot of teens there and their parents too. Jessica Good and her friend then came to the party. They have had a bit of alcohol before coming to the party. Later the party was taken to Jessica’ s friend’ s house where the 17- year- old boy also followed them.

While in the house, Jessica’ s friend went to bed leaving the boy and Jessica in the sitting room. A 12- year- old girl was also present there but she was said to be sleeping at the time. Jessica then allegedly forces the boy to join her in drinking. The boy took alcohol for the first time in that house. Soon she jumped on the boy and they began to make love.

According to the report, it was so intense that the 12- year- old girl sleeping beside them had to wake up during the loud moaning from Jessica. When they realized that the girl was awake they paused and the boy went to use the toilet. When he returned to the sitting, they continued from where they stopped.

By the next day, the 17- year- old reported the incident to his school’ s staff on May 11. The school contacted the sheriff’ s office who interviewed both Jessica Good and the victim. The Investigator said when she was confronted with the facts of the matter, Jessica said she could not remember because she had a lot of drinks. If it happened, then it must have been the alcohol kicking.

She was thereafter charged to court. She is currently being held on a $150, 000 bond. She has not yet entered a plea, and court records do not reflect an attorney authorized to speak on her behalf. But she is likely going to get one soon to defend her.

Is her excuse genuine? What if it was a guy with the same excuse, will that be okay? Share your thoughts in the comment section

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