Lil Wayne Is A Nigerian Man See What He Said About Us

3 Popular American Rappers Who Said They Are Nigerians

With so much integrity and national worth in Nigeria, many people can proudly claim to be Nigerians. It is astonishing, therefore, that several renowned celebrities, especially from the United States, have claimed to be Nigerians in the past, and some even claim to have a Nigerian ancestor.

Just three popular American rappers who have previously claimed to be Nigerian will be featured in this article, even if they aren’t totally indigenous to Nigerian culture.

1. Sean “Big Sean” Combs

According to a brief video interview on Vibe Magazine, the rapper shares an incident from his boyhood in which he encountered a black Santa Claus and discloses that he is half-Nigerian.



2. DaBaby (DaBaby)

In a conversation with 6ix9ine, popular rapper DaBaby, actual name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, was verified to be a Nigerian by popular American media personality DJ Akademiks.





Also in September of this year, DaBaby traveled to Nigeria to attend his brother’s wedding.

3. Lil Wayne



The popular rapper revealed his ancestry in an interview with Revolt TV, claiming that an ancestry test revealed he is 53 percent Nigerian. “Give a shout out to Nigeria, I completed my 23 and me ancestry dot com and my crap came back with like 53 percent Nigerian in it.” Yea! “I think my mother and I need to have a talk,” Wayne stated.





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