Meet 3 Powerful Catholic Priests In Nigeria Who Draw Thousands Of People To Their Ministries

Meet 3 Powerful Catholic Priests In Nigeria Who Draw Thousands Of People To Their Ministries

The Catholic Church, is the oldest known existing church in history. The catchesim of the holy church teaches it’s members that, the church was founded by Jesus through St Peter who is considered as the first pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Photo= Jesus Christ & St Peter.



Data statistics has shown that, the Catholic Church is the biggest Church in the world and has the highest population worldwide.

At the highest hierarchy of the church sits the pope (Pope Francis), and the hierarchy runs down till you get to the ordained preists.

Historically, the Catholic Church is known to pull a lot of crowd especially if the preist in charge, is a well loved preist.

Pope Francis The Head Of The Catholic Church.



Also, the Catholic Church and it’s preists are not known to perform miracles, but as time pass and with the rise of adorations, the Catholic Church have began to perform wonderful healings and miracles through her anointed preists.

With the implication of this being that these preists now draw thousands of their people to their adoration ground with this and are now very popular and revered.

The Sacred Alter Of a Catholic Church.



Checkout 3 Of The Most Popular Nigerian Catholic Preists That Draw So Much Crowd

1. Rev Fr Chibuzo Emmanuel Obimma: Fr Chibuzo, is the parish priest of, Blessed Iwene Tansi Catholic Church located in, Umudioka in Dunukofia local government area of Anambra State.

Fr Chibuzo who is popularly reffered to as, Ebube Mmunso is the most popular preist in Anambra and probably, of the most popular in Eastern Nigeria.

Photo= Fr Chibuzo AKA Ebubu Mmunso.



He is the spiritual director of, Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry located at Uke, Idemili North local government of Anambra State.

Born on, 18th, August 1980, Ebube Mmunso always showed signs of spiritual anointing when he was able to succeed in the seminary school a fit his two elder brothers were unable to achieve.

Fr Ebube Mmunso Lifting The Blessed Sacrament.



Today, Fr Chibuzo AKA Ebube Mmunso Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry draws thousands of people who troop in to the otherwise quite village of Uke.

His ministry has attracted pilgrims from far away China and other places. And through his ministry, he has performed wonderful works of God and is also famed for, his fight against dieties.

Insert the thousands of people that the powerful priest attracts.



At just 40 years, he has become a vessel in the hands of God who has carried out his wonderful works through him.


2. Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere SDV: He is the founder and spiritual director of Canaanland Adoration Ministries Worldwide.

Fr Magnus is popularly known as, Fr E-Dey Work. He has two branches of the Adoration Ministry in Eastern Nigeria, one is located in, Nnobi Anambra State and the other is located in, Umuoma Onicha Ezinihitte Mbaise in Imo State.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere SDV AKA E-Dey Work.



Since the establishment of the Adoration Ministry, Fr E-Dey Work has drawn thousands of people and is undoubtedly the most popular preist in Imo State and one of the most popular in Eastern Nigeria.

Fr Magnus founded this heart ministry for two main purposes, firstly, to rescue and restore human dignity in these changing times and, to frustrate the government of Satan by turning people’s sorrow into joy through preaching the word of hope.


The E-Dey Work Adoration undoubtedly draws so much crowd and the wonders done there has changed alot of lives.

The Dense Crowd That Fr E-DEY Work Draws To His Adoration ministry.





3. Rev Fr Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka: He is the resident preist at Out Lady’s Parish In Emene, Enugu State. And the spiritual director of, Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria AKA AMEN.

The Enugu native began to show sign of a spiritually endowed person from a very tender age, Fr Mbaka as he is prominently called today was also responsible for rejuvenating the charismatic group in his parish.


He was ordained in 1995 and after he established Adoration ministry, the ministry has drawn thousands of people including reputable people like politicians.

He has had relationships with president Buhari and is known to be a generous giver and a very genuine person.


Fr Mbaka has made a name for himself in the whole Enugu thanks to and Eastern Nigeria for the wonders God is using him to perform.

He is also arguebly a popular preist in the whole thanks to his vocal political nature.

Insert The Huge Crowd That The Fierce Priest Draws.




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