Meet Oba Adeniran, The First Oba To Be Sentenced To Death For Killing a 15 Month Old Baby For Ritual

Meet Oba Adeniran, The First Oba To Be Sentenced To Death For Killing a 15 Month Old Baby For Ritual

The Beginning

Gone are The Good Old Days When No One Was Above The Law In Nigeria,If What Transpired In 1949 Is To Happen In Present Day Nigeria,The Oba Will Get Away With It,On The 10th Day Of January 1949,Kabiyesi Samuel Adeniran Asusumasa Committed One Of The Greatest Crimes Ever Known To Man,He Sent an Herbalist On an Errand To Kidnap a 15 Month Old Girl By The Name Adediwura Who Happened to Be a Child Of One Of His People

The Child who happened to belong to a Certain Mr Ojo who resides in the Community was playing peacefully in her compound while Her Parents engage Themselves In Household Chores,Within The Twinkle Of an Eye,The Baby Vanished,The Herbalist Have Succeeded,The Cry Of The Mother Filled The Air,She Became Confused as The Husband Became Dumbfounded,Nobody Could Explain How It happened,It was as If The Herbalist had them Under Surveillance,he struck at the Perfect Time

The Husband Picked Up himself and arrange Some Other Men To go To The Palace Of The King Oba Adeniran Who happened to be The 43rd Alaaye Of Efon-Search,In a low and orderly Tone,he explained everything that Transpired to the King,The King listened attentively and Asked Him to Go,That They will Get To The Root of It,Soon After,The King Organised a Search Party and Involved Men Of The Police,but it was a Futile Search

The Next Day,When The Search Party were Exhausted,The Herbalist and His Wife Went to the House Of The King In The Late Hours Of The Night,Some Incantations were Made and Before The Very Eyes Of The King,The Innocent Baby Was Butchered With Blood Spilling In Almost Every Corner Of The Room,The Deed Has Been Done,Their Aim Has Been Achieved


The Eyes of The Little Child Was Plucked Out,Her Tongue and Other Sensitive Parts of Her Body Were Removed,After This,The King Brought Out Kolanuts and Asked All Present To Swear To an Oath Of Secrecy,If Anybody Should Try To Divulge The Secrets Of The Happenings That Night To Anybody,He/She Shall Be Met With Instant Death,After This,The Remaining Lifeless Body Of The Girl Was Taken Into The Forest and Buried

Justice Was Served

The Loss Of The Baby Left The Parents In a Great Trauma,Their Conscience Pricked Them because They Felt The Kidnap Of The Child Could Have Been Averted If They Had Watched Over Their Poor Child,Exactly 10th Of February 1949,A Combined Team Of Police Detectives Swung into Action and Within The Shortest Possible Time,They Realized That The Child May Have Been a Victim Of Ritualist,They Immediately Swung Into Action,After Much Investigation,Arrest Were Made,The Herbalist Known As Enoch Falayi,Another Gabriel Olabirinjo and Daniel Ojo Were All Picked up,Gabriel and Daniel Were The Herbalist Personal Messengers


As Usual,Every Evil Doer Must Face The Result Of Their Actions,One Of The Arrested Suspects Got Bold Enough and Decided To Damn The Consequences Of The Oath Of Secrecy They Took as He Believed He was Doomed Either Way,He Narrated Everything To The Police To The Barest Details,He Confessed The King Was The Chief Mastermind Of The Whole Event,The King Was Immediately Ordered To Be Arrested,The Entire Village Could Not Believe Their Eyes That The King Could Send Out a Search Party After Committing The Greatest Sin The Land Has Ever Witnessed,Justice NS Pollad Of British Extraction Was In Charge Of The Case Of The Kabiyesi,Oba Adeniran Is Not Giving Up So Easily As He Picked One Of The Best Brains In The Land,Obafemi Awolowo as His Lawyer,Yes You Heard Me Right,The Same Awolowo Whose Head Is Found In Today’s One Hundred Naira Note,Awolowo Did His Best,He Argued That His Client Might Be a Victim Of Some People Who Want To Bring The King Down

The Judge Refused To Listen To All The Claims Of Awolowo,The Kabiyesi Could Not Believe His Eyes,It Was as If He Was Dreaming,Justice Pollard Finally Said That The Evidences Present Before Him Is Enough To Convince Him That Kabiyesi Samuel Adeniran Asusumasa Atewogboye II was Guilty Of The Crime,He was Therefore Sentenced To Death By Hanging Alongside His Accomplices But Daniel Ojo Was Freed As There Was No Enough Evidence To Point Out His Involvement In The Gruesome Murder

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Those Were The Good Old Days When The Justice System Was Working,No One Was Above The Law,You Commit a Crime,You Face The Music,Slowly But Gradually,I Hope We will Get There again Someday,God Bless Nigeria


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