Meet the lady who thinks Nigerian guys can’t date her because her upkeep is ’50k’ per day

Meet the lady who thinks Nigerian guys can’t date her because her upkeep is ’50k’ per day



Before scrolling I want to encourage and challenge the young and single men to share this with the wider community because this is a kind of slap on the face.

I continue to wonder why she had to take to twitter announcing to the whole world that she can’t date specifically, Nigerian guys.

Dating is not supposed to be money based but the opposite is the case this days and this lady, I can say is one of the promoters.

Nigerian guys are hardworking and always try to make ends meet in what ever hustle they engage in.

Dating or relationship is expected to end in marriage, tell me will this kind of dating end in anything reasonable or memorable?

And if money should be involved, it should be in a romantic and passionate way whereby, the two persons involved are compatible and understand themselves to a reasonable extend.

Hot reactions have come from so many on social media, which indeed have shown that not everyone agree with her.

The lady, Chioma Pearls feels no Nigerian guy can date her because her daily upkeep is ’50k’ and funny enough she added that she doesn’t repeat clothes.

Some of the comments will ask her to go and hustle rather than wasting time on who will give her ’50k’ daily. At a point it sounds funny, at another it calls for concern.

See tweet below;




I feel all the reactions are hot and I guess some are right in their opinion. Let’s hear you thoughts, do remember to hit the like button and share with family and friends. Don’t forget to follow for more updates on relates articles.

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