Meet The Russian Woman Spending Her Life In Jail Because of A Nigerian (Photos) Read more:

If you have never understood why Brick and lace said “Love is wicked”, I bet you will finally understand that phrase when you finish reading this article. Love makes us trust people easily — and sometimes the end is usually tragic.

In 2017, a Russian lady, Maria Dapirka was caught with 2.2 kilograms cocaine in Vietnam. According to Maria, she was unaware of that her Nigerian lover hid cocaine in her luggage.


It was reported that Maria met her Nigerian lover who was identified as Nick aka Eze while she was living in Thailand.


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Maria was arrested and was sentenced to life imprisonment. She was lucky to escape execution thanks to her lawyer. Her lawyer pleaded she was duped into being a drug courier for an international ring.


Up till date, nobody knows the whereabouts of Eze who hid the cocaine in Maria’s luggage. Poor Maria thought she was in a relationship unaware Eze had evil plans for her.


Eze’s greed for quick money ruined the life of Maria. She is currently in prison and will remain their until the day she dies or the Vietnam government pardon her.


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