Meet World Fattest Woman That Weighed More Than A Matured Cow(Before & After

Meet World Fattest Woman That Weighed More Than A Matured Cow(Before & After)



Mayra Lizbeth Rosales (born 1980) is a Mexican American woman known for being, at one point, the heaviest living woman. At her heaviest, she weighed 470 kg (1,036 lb). She came to prominence in March 2008 when her sister was jailed for murdering her two-year-old nephew. She decided to get her life back in order to get custody of her sister’s children, who had no parents to take care of them at that time.



At her heaviest, the now-37-year-old weighed in at 1,036 pounds. Rosales was forced to remain in bed for years; she was too heavy to move on her own. She was diagnosed with lymphedema, ABC reported, which is swelling in the arms and legs due to lymph buildup. It was a result of thyroid problems throughout her life. When she finally decided to get help, it took 10 men to move her from one place to another when she received medical treatment.





Rosales initially made the news for falsely confessing to accidentally killing her nephew. She claimed she rolled over the boy and suffocated him. She had no quality of life and decided to take the blame. As it turned out, her sister killed her own son by beating him with a hairbrush, and eventually the police figured it out. When Rosales cleared her name, she knew she wanted to improve her life in another way, too. She needed to lose hundreds of pounds.

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