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Men Don’t be Deceived, See What Some Ladies Wear Under Their Clothes

win 40k and a night with me
Men Don’t be Deceived, See What Some Ladies Wear Under Their Clothes

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win 40k and a night with me

Women of the recent generation have genuinely given a sense to the famous saying that “looks can be disappointing,” and there is no question that nowadays, unless a woman has a huge and curved back side, the front is very round and sharp, and is not sexy or pretty.


win 40k and a night with me


win 40k and a night with me

In reality, only a handful of ladies are naturally extremely blessed with this incredible physique. No cause of alarm should be given because it is natural, because no person (male or female) is born the same way or equally. The ladies of our age were nevertheless already frightened by their tiny front or rear. However, most ladies must see themselves constantly as “hot” and “attractive” to impress the following guy, this attitude led to the high demand for certain magical products, which can sometimes also be used to increase their front and back without getting any medical alteration or improvement procedures.

win 40k and a night with me

The new era of the manufacture and distribution of these women’s accessories started in the early 2000s. As we saw these goods are bought in almost every country in the world. What makes these items so demanding is that they are easy to purchase and to use and, unlike plastic process, are somewhat free of side effects.

win 40k and a night with me



Although several people have opposed these items. The funny part remains, however. When they improve their bodies with these products, the same men who complain about small front and back are still critical of these women “what an irony of life.’

According to the scriptures, “be watchful that you do not fall into temptation” this also applies to men. So before you start losing yourself over this curvy sexy lady, be sure that it is natural and free of all artificial products like giant foam pads under her clothing!

Below are some artificial goods used or used by women to improve their curvility (both front and back)

1) The Butt Pad





As the name suggests, the size of the back of a lady can increase and develop. These products can be truly deceptive as they have a precise blend on the skin, making it very hard to distinguish with the eyes.

It is available in various sizes from small to medium and even extra-large.

2) Breast pad (silicon bra)





These products also strengthen and grip the front side and make it stiff, they also increase their size. As expected, it is also available in different sizes and also in various categories and variations.

3) Body shaper



This product not only changes part of the form but also changes the whole shape of the lady’s body!

A lady can turn into a thin and attractive lady with a fat and broad tummy, bulging fat waist in just a few minutes!

4) Waist trainer





This substance was initially created for the training of the body only, but in recent times it has been used to alter the body form of a lady significantly. This may be the key reason why the majority of the women are attractive to the opposite sex for these accessories (male folk).

“Some claim that men dominate the world, but women actually rule men” ”

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Guest Can Use There Wives For Free, The Tribe In Nigeria That Practices Such

win 40k and a night with me
Guest Can Use There Wives For Free, The Tribe In Nigeria That Practices Such

According to oral tradition of Tiv origin, those people came to their current location (Benue River in Nigeria) from the southeast. Official history recorded that the Tiv tribe had the first contact with Europeans in November 1907. It was the contact with Southern Nigeria Regiment led by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Trenchard.

win 40k and a night with me

The tribe has a story of their first ancestor, a man known as Takuruku, Gbe, Shon, Awanje, and Karagbe. Tiv people believe that he is their founding father. The ancestor gave birth to two children Ipusu and Ichongoa. Ichongo gave birth to Ikyura, Gondo, Nongo, Mase, Ihar, and Turan, while Ipusu gave birth to Kum, Kpar, Shitire

The Tiv People of Benue State have one of the best cultural beliefs in

win 40k and a night with me

the World.

win 40k and a night with me

They regard strangers as gods, and in

win 40k and a night with me

some cases, protect their visitors with

win 40k and a night with me

their lives. The Tiv’s kindness to strangers is Lengendary, but

unfortunately, this kindness was seen as weakness and taken for


The “Gbango” yam of the Tivs is their

pride. The gbango yam is the sweetest

yam specie anywhere in the world. The yam has high glucose and fiber content.

The primary occupation of the Tiv People is farming and their

strengths are a mystery.

A Tiv man will cultivate 100hectares of

farmland with the help of his famiy, using primitive farm tools.

That’s why in the olden days, a Tiv Man will marry up to 6wives, in

order to produce children that will help him in the farms. A Tiv Man

loves his wives and children, and also

protect them with his life…because his life and wealth lies in them.

Gbango yams gained lot of popularity

and there became influx of traders into the Tiv Land… buy and

transport the yams to other places in Nigeria.

The headquarters of production, and

also the highest concentration of the Tiv People, before the eventual

spread, was at Zaki-Biam.

Notable traders such as Umoru, Sako

and Okafor were among the first to

come to Zaki-Biam. Umoru was a magician and a trader who came from the

North, he had a bird who goes before him during journeys, to see

whether the area was less-dangerous….it was a “gossip bird”.

What became the greatest ever fallacy in Nigeria, started when Umoru

came to Zaki-Biam to buy gbango yams.Umoru was received by Terkaa, the

man regarded as the “King of Yams” in Zaki-Biam. Terkaa had five wives

and 11children….the fifth wife, Torkwase,was newly married and had

no child. Umoru was to spend the night in Terkaa’s home, which in the

morning, he would go and buy yams in the Market Square.

A Tiv Man builds houses for each of his wives, Round Huts or Thatch Houses.

Umoru was given pounded yam and

smoked fish that night, and stayed

outside with his bird. At 11pm that night, Terkaa instructed Torkwase

to make thewooden bed for Umoru to sleep……as Strangers were

allowed to sleep in the beds, while the home owner will either sleep

outside the room or on the floor of the room.

The males in Tiv Land, everynight,

worship the “gods of yams”, they would leave by 12am and spend two

hours making sacrifices and incantations to the “gods”….it is said

that their strengths were gotten from these “gods”

Terkaa told Umoru to sleep in

Torkwase’s Round hut(house), as she will prepare the bed for

him….because Torkwase had space as she’s got no child.

When Terkaa and his children left to

adore and worship the “gods of yams”,

Umoru went to Torkwase’s room and

slept with her. Umoru thought Terkaa

offered his wife to him or Maybe Umoru used charms and trickery to

sleep with Torkwase.

For weeks, during his visits to Zaki-Ziam,

Umoru would have sex with Torkwase.

Torkwase never told her husband what

was happening, as she never got

attention from her husband(she lacked sex) and may have enjoyed having

sex with Umoru, because Umoru may have used “Burantashi” during sex

with her.

Umoru told Sako and Okafor, the other traders, about his “free gift”

from Terkaa and told them to try their luck……Sako and Okafor were

successful, undermining the Tiv Man’s Kindness.

Umoru went to the North, and told themthe news of the Tiv Man’s “kind

gesture”…with Sako and Okafor doing

the same.

Unknown to the Tiv People, lots of

traders flock to their lands to do

business in order to experience the “kind gesture”…..unfortunately,

they were successful, as the Tiv Man married as many wives as

possible, but failed to meet their sexual demands.

The Tiv Men had no idea of what was

happening in their Lands.

On one of his numerous journeys to

identify groups of people who spoke the Tiv Language, the King of the

Tivs(Tor Tiv), stumbled on this development.

The Tiv People are believed to have

migrated from Congo to Nigeria, and they are scattered within the

North of Nigeria, from Benue to Plateau to Adamawa to Taraba State.

So the Tor Tiv’s assignment was to

identify them and incorporate them

under one “Umbrella”.

It was on this journey to one of the Local Governments in Plateau

State, that the Tor Tiv learnt that traders coming into his lands,

were sleeping with his women.

The King came home and summoned a meeting. Wives were called and they

confessed sleeping with those traders.

The Men were furious and after much

deliberations, resolutions were reached.

No man should sit close or touch another man’s wife without

permission, and the husband is allowed to kill the defaulter.

They feel killing the traders who

perpetrated those shameful acts, will

send strong warnings to visitors who

wish to come to their lands……a decision that would turn out to haunt them.

Umoru’s “gossip bird” had already told

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The Miracle Charcoal Can Perform In Your Life, We Thought You Should Know About It

win 40k and a night with me
The Miracle Charcoal Can Perform In Your Life, We Thought You Should Know About It

Put Small Pieces Of Charcoal Under Your Bed And In Your Pocket And See The Miracles It Perform


win 40k and a night with me

It works in an aggressive way because the more we use protection, the more we tend to call it.

Most magical practices need to be protected as a first step before any spell occurs. Remember to know the difference between the real need for protection and the fear that holds us back.

win 40k and a night with me

Also, being arrogant or overconfident can give a person unhealthy courage to take them to dangerous places. This skill takes time to do well.

win 40k and a night with me

Your thoughts and feelings need to be considered and you will soon be able to find the true difference between ego, fear and the real need for protection.

win 40k and a night with me

Seven practical methods of spiritual protection from coal will be discussed here today. Keep in mind that protection is like your umbrella. If you don’t have it get ready to get wet.

win 40k and a night with me

How to Use Coal for Protection

1) A small piece of charcoal wrapped in a paper towel and put in your pocket can keep you safe from evil spirits, curses, evil eye, evil spirits and magical attacks.

2) Place these three coals on a white plate and place them under your bed to get the same results above.

3) After using each charcoal wash them with running water.

Coal can also be used in many ways such as drawing sketches, oars, circles, etc.

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If You Don’t Stop Drinking Garri What Will Happen You May Not Like It

win 40k and a night with me
If You Don’t Stop Drinking Garri What Will Happen You May Not Like It

Garri made from tubes and roots of the cassava plant contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C and also starch. The leaves contain calcium, iron, fats and protein too.

win 40k and a night with me

Garri is a carbohydrate based food consumed in many West African countries, Nigeria in particular. Processed from Cassava, Garri in its raw form is creamy-white or light-yellowish flour with a slightly fermented flavor. The two main varieties of Garri are “White” and “Yellow” Garri. Essentially, both varieties of Garri have the similar processing methods, the yellow color can be achieved simply by adding a few drops of palm-oil to the cassava flour during the frying/drying stage.

Garri can be eaten without further cooking, as a snack, by pouring it in a bowl adding water, sugar, groundnut and milk usually called garri soakings. For example, ijebu-garri is made with finer grains, and has a pleasantly sour taste, making it very suitable to be eaten in this way. In most parts of West Africa, sugar or honey is then added as well as chunks of coconut, groundnuts, tiger nuts milk, and cashew nuts. In most garri recipes it is cooked by adding boiling water and stirring to make a stiff paste known as Eba. Eba is normally eaten with different kinds of soups or stews. Most parts of Africa have an equivalent staple cassava dish. However, Garri has it own side effects to the body and below are some reasons you shouldn’t be drinking too much of garri;

win 40k and a night with me

1. It Makes You Feel Weak

win 40k and a night with me

Garri is a staple food in Nigeria which almost all Nigerians drink on a daily basis. Garri can actually makes you feal weak after drinking it especially when you’re very hungry and you drink it in an empty stomach (when you’ve not eaten anything). Although this won’t happen immediately after drinking but give it time, you’ll be weak after drinking garri without eating any other foods on it. This might lead to making you feeling sleepy and by that, it could ruin your day as you might not be able to do anything afterwards cause all you will want to do is sleep!!!

win 40k and a night with me

2. Eye Defects

win 40k and a night with me

Garri is made from cassava which is known to contain hydrocyanic acid. Cyanide in garri contained in large quantity can lead to serious eye defects. However, proper, safe, and thorough production of the garri should reduce the concentration of the cyanide to a considerate level.

3. It Dries Blood

This has not yet been proven scientifically though, but people always say drinking too much of garri actually dry blood. Especially when drinking it without adding milk.

4. It May Worsen Ulcer

Where in excess, another drastic effect of Cyanide which is an organic acid in nature is that it can lead to intestinal issues, and it can worsen the situation of an ulcer patient. If you’re an ulcer patient, you shouldn’t be consuming too much of garri cause it’s harmful to your health.

5. Causes Weight Gain

Cassava which is the crop from which garri is made from is rich in carbohydrate. A cup of garri contain about 360 calories, out of which 99 percent is carbohydrate. Hence, consuming too much of garri leads to excess storage of carbohydrate in the body and this can lead to unnecessary weight gain. So, you should know, garri isn’t good for weight loss.

“Season Greetings”

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