Men, If You want to Enjoy Your Marriage, Never Marry a Woman With These 6 Qualities

Men, If You want to Enjoy Your Marriage, Never Marry a Woman With These 6 Qualities


Marriage is an everlasting engagement, and if they are uncertain of being genuinely happy, no-one will step in. In our modern world there is a new phenomenon and it’s divorce issue. Divorce is relatively popular, and in recent years, it has increased in numbers. Most of those marriages failed for one reason: being married to the wrong spouse. This article is intended for men but is not limited to men. If you’re a lady and you’re reading this, I ‘d advise you to keep reading, because this might just change the opinion of men of you. This would guide you for the men in your quest for the perfect material for wives.




Don’t believe what they can tell you about the romantic movies you watch. Love on its own can’t steer the marriage plane. Love is like a ship on a sea of strong waves attempting to navigate through storms. Love, the ship can not be steady on its own nor can it sail. A testament to that is the fact that many people who are facing tough times today still love each other. It is stability because there is one thing that can steer a marriage like a sailor steers a ship.




Compatibility is the thing that gets you verified whether she’s the real one for you. It is at this point that you pause and take a deep look without bias to her incredible beauty. If you are both like the North and South pole, your marriage will never work out. Besides being compatible, these are also some of the attributes you should avoid when you look for your dream wife:


1. Don’t marry a Delilah



When I say a Delilah, I mean a woman who is legendary only for her beauty. Look past that stunning face and that incredible 8 shaped body figure. You’d be shocked by how quickly those two things would fade away. Don’t marry Delilah! You ‘d regret it. Beauty by itself does not describe a woman. There are some attributes you should be looking for in a woman and the least of them is her beauty.


2. Don’t marry outside your faith



Are you a Muslim, or a Christian? Good then get married to a Christian. Oh, ‘re you a Muslim? Excellent then a Muslim gets married. Don’t make the mistake of marrying outside of your religion. Yeah, it may be welcomed by a lot of people but you’d soon know how much difference the marriage will make you two. It would be difficult to convert your wife to your religion without God or Allah’s help and it could lead to complications that could degenerate into a marriage crisis. Prevention is easier than treatment, they claim.


3. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy



I don’t know what was said in the Quran about life, but my own Bible told me that God created the first woman, Eve for one particular reason: she was to be the first man’s helper, Adam. My dear brothers, Muslims, Christians, and traditionalists, if you marry a woman, look very carefully before you plunge into the marriage. Evite a lazy woman, it would make you a world of good. She is not supposed to be a liability for being a helper. Marry a responsible, trained woman, who knows how to deal with her problems. Marry a woman always ready to put her house in order. Don’t date a woman who has spent hours watching movies in front of a TV screen. I ‘d rather see the paint dry than that woman marry.


4. Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook



Me, will now marry a woman who can’t cook? over my living body. Make no mistake, brother. A girl who is unable to cook will allow you to employ a house help service, or make you a frequent restaurant guest. Each of these two alternative solutions is neither economical nor free. You could end up eating love potion and subconsciously ruining your marriage if you hire a house help. When you eat out, you might be dining like the organization’s madam from a restaurant with a satanic member. So, just marry a lovely girl who can’t just cook but cook and move heavens with the aroma of her soup, to avoid all these.


5. Don’t marry a girl who is too worldly



Sure, everybody has their own unique taste but you’d be ruined by marrying a girl who is too literal. Don’t go and look for a girl with a “freaky freaky” eye, the end wouldn’t be good o. A wordly girl often signifies a materialistic individual. When all your girlfriend wants is pricey appliances and the new fashion choices, think twice before taking her to the altar. You may end up getting more than you would bargain for.


6. Don’t marry a girl who doesn’t know how to dress

What I’m saying is in two folds: one, don’t marry a girl who can’t look pretty and dress up; two, don’t marry a girl who dresses to make people fall for her. Lust is not charity. Lust takes you to bed, and love often takes you to the altar. Keep away from the ones who can’t dress properly.

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