“Men, Touch Them Harder” Find Out 4 Places Every Lady Really Want You To

“Men, Touch Them Harder” Find Out 4 Places Every Lady Really Want You To


Every woman’s desire is to find and fall in love with a man who really understands the in and out of them. Understanding is very cogent in a relationship. Understanding can mean what we call these days ‘emotional intelligence’, or being aware, sensitive and intuitive with others. For example: “you seem down today, is that right?” Or “I can understand why you are speeding since we’re late for our appointment and I’m anxious too but can you slow down a bit”.


This sounds great, however understanding can also mean, or get mixed in with, relating. For example: “oh, I can relate, the same thing happened to me” or “I understand because I just went through that myself”. Understanding in this relating manner is more about ‘getting it’.


Every man should understand these desires, this is the only way to avoid them cheating around. An average woman most time find it very difficult to express themselves. So they indirectly communicate what they want to their men. It is left for the men to know and grant their heart desires. Sometimes, whenever you seems to be confused as to what your lady want, just ask…!




Hence, in this publication, we shall be sharing with you places where she really wants you to touch her but most time, she will not communicate it. before we go into details, kindly do us a favour by clicking on the follow button so that you can get to read interesting, entertaining and enthralling articles like this, the follow button doesn’t bite. Thanks in advance.


Focus on the following areas, she might be shy to communicate it but she expects it:


1. Her Head






An average woman wants this a lot, they desire their hairs can be played with. So next time you are with your lady, help her loosen her hair, braid it if you know how, if you can’t, you can just massage her scalp. That way, you are already creating sweet memories.


2. Her Ribs




They really loves to be tickled, they find it very very interesting when their spouse are very playful. Not all of them want over serious spouse. Learnt to tickle her when she’s mode swing. Do it when she’s angry, tickle her harder and make her laugh out loud. She’ll never forget it


3. Her Feet





Lady love their feet to be massaged most especially when they’ve gone through difficult tasks, even though they might not lip it. So every guy needs to know this. Learn more on how to be romantic, most times, they spend their time working all day, cleaning, and cooking, the best you can do it help her clean and massage their feet.


4. Her Tummy


Touching their tummy makes them relax and it has all the capacity in binding couples together making them more closer. Most especially when the lady is on her period, rubbing her tummy will help relieve the pains.



Now is the time for you to contribute, what’s favorite section of a woman body you love to touch most?



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