Mixing Bitter Kola And Honey Will Cure Your Sickness, How To Prepare It

Mixing Bitter Kola And Honey Will Cure Your Sickness, How To Prepare It

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Like I said in our former posts natural remedies are the best curative methods for treating health problems.

‘oyibo medicine’ good but in the long run it begins to cause more problems.

Natural remedy is God’s own way of treating his people.

Without much talk. Today I want to show what combining Kola nut and honey will give you. It’s just amazing.



Bitter kola and honey are two brothers, which heal body, spirit, and soul.

They work together in harmony to bring about a more effect effect.

Honey and bitter kola are two natural antibiotics, so combining them you double their strength and effect.

Which is very effective especially for children.

For the Mothers just give your children grounded bitter kola with honey for treating of almost all forms of skin infections including EPIDERMAL mic PAROTITIS(popularly known as mumps and EPIDERMAL ROSEOLA ( a virus that infects children mostly that comes with RED RASHES ), even measles as well.

It’s also very effective for treating CHICKEN POX in children and adults

This mixture should be taken orally, or it can be applied externally on the skin.

Check our previous post to learn how to prepare kola nut medicine.

Honey and bitter kola are also used used both for the treatment of a sore throat and bad voice, they help to soften the dry throat.

If you have bad breath just take this mixture twice a day, morning and night and watch the result.

This combination is very very effective for the treatment of ACNE or PIMPLES , FACIAL SCARS / BURNS and Boils. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Now for our ‘Omoge’ and beautiful ladies that want to stay fit. Take this combination for WEIGHT LOSS . It’s very effective.

Our health is one of the most precious that we have, so we should take care of our health.

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