My 16-year-old Daughter Came Back From School and What I Found in Her Bag Broke My Heart [Fiction]

My 16-year-old Daughter Came Back From School and What I Found in Her Bag Broke My Heart [Fiction]



I had just one child after 22 years of marriage. I and my wife tried all we could, but she wasn’t able to have another child. We accepted it as faith and lived our lives. Our only child was a very good, cultured and nice girl. She just got into the university, and we were very happy for her because she got in at a very early age of 16. She was admitted into the department of Sociology, it was like a dream come through as this was what she has always wanted and we were in support.


She followed her to her school, walked with her to her hostel, met her roommates and prayed with them before we left. I couldn’t believe my baby girl was already in the university, it was the best feeling ever. We started calling her from time to time, and I kept sending her money whenever she requested for it. She told us that she had been assigned a post in her school’s choir, it made her mother very happy. Then after three months she was to come home because the first semester was over. I was so happy I couldn’t wait to see my darling daughter.


We asked her to take the early morning bus so that she could get home in time. She took the bus and started coming, we monitored her journey through calls. She finally got to the park and I went to pick her up. I was so happy to see her, as we got home I asked her to go and freshen up in the bathroom and she left. Her mother was in church and was calling to see if our daughter had returned. As she was bathing I was helping her arrange her loads and I decided to bring out all her clothes to arrange them in the wardrobe. Immediately I opened her bag, what I saw sent shock waves into my body. I was so heartbroken by the sight of what I saw. It was a contraceptive pill I was very familiar with, she had already taken some pills from the sachet, I started crying.


What happened to my lovely daughter, what happened to the little girl I always thought the word daily, what happened to the girl who told us she had been appointed a position in the choir? She came out and saw my holding the pills, she fell down on her knees and started crying. Her mother then walked in and saw what had happened, it was a very unpleasant day.

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