My Brother’s Salesgirl Is Stealing from Him, Should I Tell Him?

Good day guys, happy New year to everyone, please I will make this post as brief as possible.


My brother asked me to help him look after his business when he wants to travel for Xmas, and it happens that I know much about the business, and he have a salesgirl too whom from my observation is a single mother though she is still very young.


Now this is the problem, since I started coming to that shop, I noticed this girl used to do some uncertain things (wuru wuru), so I decided to be more watchful and that’s when I found out what she has been doing in the shop. I have caught her red handed in this act.


The first occasion was during last week Tuesday when we were about to close for the day and I was going through the sales book only for me to realized that the items we sold earlier in the day, the quantity in the book was different from what we actually sold, she minus some quantity and I called her to it and she acted as if it was a mistake, I acted as if nothing happened.


Second incident was last week Saturday, I was in the shop and one woman came to the shop with an Item she bought from our shop, so I was in my corner not minding them but I realized she came to complain of something to her and later bought another thing, I saw the item she came with so after the woman left, I called the girl and asked her when the woman bought that item, she said it was on Thursday, so after sometime, I went to the sales book to check if she wrote it, but I was shocked when I went through the whole week sales but I couldn’t find it. I kept my cool, till in the evening when we were about to go and i asked her to show me where she wrote it, only for her to be going through over and over again, I asked her, I thought you said you sold this thing on Thursday and she said no.


Now because we have closed for the day, she wrote it as Monday sales, but I keep wondering if it was only this item that the woman bought. Even is she sold it on Thursday and forget to write it down, the Money would have reflected after the close of the day, but it didn’t, that means she intentionally stole the money. She is the one with shop keys and she opens the shop before i come every morning.


Now my problems are


1. I love minding my business


2. It’s my brother’s business which he entrusted to me to look after for him, so if after finding out all these things and still keep it to myself, if anything goes wrong in future I won’t forgive myself.


3. This lady is a single mother and very young, I assume this is the only place she gets what she’s using to take care of her herself and her baby, I really feel for her and I know she is going to loose her job if my brother gets to know about this.


Please what should I do?



Please forgive my errors, I’m not perfect


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